New Effort Launched To Recruit and Retain Anglers

Fishing Lake Sharpe, South Dakota
The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) announced a new initiative with a goal of getting 60 million people involved in fishing in the next 60 months.  The effort will focus on what is termed "R3": recruit new anglers, retain current anglers, and reactivate anglers who have left the sport.

Increased participation in fishing will also result in more fishing licenses and boat registrations sold, more business for tackle and marine manufacturers, and more funds for state fish and wildlife agencies.

The goal is to reach 60 million anglers by December 2021. (Currently there at 46 million anglers in the United States.)  This provides an opportunity for League chapters that offer youth and adult fishing events to work collaboratively with state and local groups to reach even more potential anglers.  Click here for more information on this effort.