Five Facebook Best Practices

Facebook_credit IWLA
It can be challenging to manage your chapter Facebook page along with your personal page. Sometimes the two can overlap unintentionally. To help you get the most out of Facebook, we have five best practices for chapter Facebook pages:

1. The IWLA logo should only be used on your chapter Facebook page. Please do not use the logo as your profile or cover photo on your personal Facebook page. (Our logo's use is limited to official IWLA business.)

2. IWLA is a non-partisan organization. With elections around the corner, please keep opinions about the candidates on your personal Facebook page only.

3. Keep your chapter's Facebook cover photo fresh. Change it out monthly or seasonally with pictures from your chapter. Photos of chapter members "in action" or a chapter event are great for this! (Cover image size: 851 x 315 pixels)

4. Add your chapter's website address to the "About" page so people who find your chapter via Facebook can link to your website for more information.

5. Photos make great Facebook posts! Assign someone to take a few pictures at your chapter events. Post those during or after the event to show your community what you do (and encourage attendees to share their own photos)!