Clean Water Now!

Clean Water Now_iStock
We heard you loud and clear: “We want clean water.” But we want more than just clean water now. We want people to care about conservation. We want people to enjoy their streams and rivers and not be fearful of what may – or may not – be in them. Yet nationally, fewer than 20% of our streams and river are checked to see if they are safe for swimming, fishing, and as sources of drinking water. 

So what is the Izaak Walton League going to do about it? Our first step was committing to the Clean Water Challenge at a national level. The League is embarking on a 5-year journey to monitor more streams and raise the League’s profile as the national defender of clean water.

Within the coming months, you will be hearing from our Clean Water Program Director, Danielle Donkersloot, about the Clean Water Challenge. But more importantly, we want to hear what the Challenge means to you! Now, more than ever, we need clean water defenders – and we need to revamp Save Our Streams to meet today’s clean water challenges.

Join the Clean Water Challenge today! Questions? Contact Danielle Donkersloot at