Tell Congress to Reject the Pebble Mine

Mulchatna River

For nearly a decade, conservationists have been working with Alaskans and more than 1 million sportsmen and businesses to conserve Bristol Bay. Located in southwest Alaska, Bristol Bay encompasses one of the world’s most robust salmon fisheries as well as habitat for all manner of Alaskan wildlife, including caribou, moose, waterfowl, and black and grizzly bears. Bristol Bay is also home to Alaska Natives who have depended on the salmon runs for thousands of years. Those salmon runs support more than 14,000 jobs in one of the world’s most sustainable fishing industries.

Bristol Bay is also the proposed location of a massive gold and copper mining complex called Pebble Mine.

If constructed, Pebble Mine would be one of the largest open-pit mines in the world – and would sit in the headwaters that feed Bristol Bay. The mine could have devastating impacts on surrounding rivers, streams, and wetlands, degrading some of the most pristine fish and wildlife habitat in the world. Worse, if the mine’s containment failed, it could irreparably harm the rivers that flow into Bristol Bay and snuff out one of the greatest wild salmon runs left on Earth.

Please submit your comments today. It’s important that all Americans speak up for this national treasure and urge Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers to protect Bristol Bay and reject the Pebble Mine!

Public comments on the Pebble Mine proposal will only be accepted until the end of June.