Promote Participation in Shooting Sports This August

Shooting sports

The League is working with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to promote target shooting throughout the month of August. This is a great opportunity for League chapters to host events to introduce the public to shooting sports.

The over-arching goals of National Shooting Sports Month are to bring positive attention to recreational shooting sports and give a wide range of people an opportunity to experience them for the first time.

The League is ideally positioned to introduce more Americans to shooting sports. More than 100 of our chapters offer shooting sports facilities, and our members have the experience to help beginners learn to shoot safely and responsibly.

Chapters have tremendous flexibility in creating an event that works best for them, from starting people off with an air rifle or .22 to offering lessons on trap and skeet or field archery. The only requirement is that the event must be open to the public. Ideally, these events will encourage participation among people who are not already recreational shooting sports enthusiasts.

NSSF invites League chapters (as well as private ranges, state agencies, and other partners) to post events on the National Shooting Sports Month calendar online at Please also share your event — including the date, time, and a one-sentence description — with League staff at so we can post this information to our website as well.

Generations of Americans have taken their first shot at League chapters, and National Shooting Sports Month is a perfect opportunity to let new audiences try the sports.

To learn more, visit the National Shootings Sports Month website.

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