Stream Selfies from 46 States!

Stream Selfies 46 States

Stream Selfie is the first step toward achieving the goal League members set for our organization: monitoring 100,000 more stream sites by 2022 (the League’s 100th birthday). This project will also put the League “on the map” – literally.

We are creating the FIRST nationwide map of stream sites that are current or potential monitoring locations plus sites in need of a clean-up. By putting this information in one place, we can highlight streams that are being monitored today and develop a national inventory of others that could be monitored in the future. You don’t need to be an Ike or trained stream monitor to do it! You can go it alone or work with your local Scout troop, school, church group, or other community partner to get your stream on the map.  

We are excited to report that we have Stream Selfies from 46 states! The only states missing are Alaska, Mississippi, Nevada, and Alabama. If you live in one of those states, please snap a selfie at the stream that matters most to you – and encourage friends, family, and fellow League volunteers to do the same. This is a great winter project for Ikes of any age!

Visit to get started.