Clean Water: Your Right to Know

Clean Water Report Filmstrip

On April 14th, the League released a national report highlighting the lack of timely, local information about water quality in this country and how volunteer stream monitors can help solve the problem. We developed state-specific reports documenting stream miles monitored, pollution problems, and how well the state works (or does not work) with citizen stream monitors. The report also encouraged more Americans to get involved in stream monitoring through the Save Our Streams program and the many resources we have available to support volunteer monitors. You can find these resources at our Save Our Streams page.

Our report and proposed solution – empowering more American to monitor streams locally – garnered print, radio, and television coverage across the country.  Through targeted press outreach, stories about the report appeared in newspapers and on radio stations and television news channels in Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington. National stories appeared on E&E Greenwire, EcoWatch, Fishing Wire, and AlterNet.

This report and our outreach efforts set the stage for the League’s Clean Water Challenge!

Read the Executive Summary and Individual State Reports from the Clean Water: Your Right to Know report.