Clean Water Challenge

Clean Water Challenge Filmstrip

At our national convention in July, attendees brainstormed about the League's next "big idea.” The starting point was a simple but important question: what do we want the League to be known for? The goal was to identify compelling, "kick-butt" ideas that can help raise our visibility and engage League members and citizens nationwide. From 20 separate small-group discussions, a common theme emerged: engaging citizens to improve and protect water quality. The national organization melded group suggestions into one “big idea”: the Clean Water Challenge.

Together, our challenge is to monitor 100,000 more stream sites by the League’s 100th birthday in 2022. Citizen volunteers are the key to meeting this goal.

As a first step, we are inviting every League member and supporter to join the Clean Water Challenge – and help fight for clean water for all Americans. Your support for stream monitoring could range from talking about clean water with neighbors to starting a volunteer stream monitoring group. The national organization is committed to providing on-the-ground training, developing new technology, and leading communications and marketing efforts to meet this goal.

Please join the Clean Water Challenge today!