Archery: Rising Star in Shooting Sports

Archery Programs Filmstrip

League chapters across the country are turning to archery to engage youth and adults in the outdoors, provide opportunities to participate in recreational shooting sports, and introduce people to the League.

The key to a successful archery program – whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding an existing program, is having knowledgeable, certified instructors who can create a safe and fun environment.

The League partnered with the Archery Trade Association to host two Archery Academy workshops in 2016, and both were big successes. One was held after the 2016 national convention in Wisconsin and the other was held in October at the League’s national office in Maryland. Attendees received Level 2 Archery Instructor certification (USA Archery/National Field Archery Association). 

Interested in developing an archery program for your chapter? Contact Earl Hower at for more information.