League Champions Conservation in the Farm Bill

Conservation in Farm Bill

Congressman Rick Nolan (MN) introduced the Crop Insurance Modernization Act of 2018 (HR 4618) last month, which includes a version of a "good driver discount" pilot program the League has been promoting for farmers (e.g., a "good farmer discount"). This program would provide a crop insurance premium incentive to farmers who adopt conservation measures that build soil health: conservation tillage, diverse crop rotations, or winter cover crops for at least five years. Healthy soil holds more water, reducing the likelihood of a major crop loss in a dry year and reducing polluted runoff into nearby streams and wetlands. (You can read more about this program on the League website.)

Rep. Nolan’s bill includes other provisions the League supports that would require soil conservation plans to control gullies on farms, require regular spot checks to ensure farmers are following soil and wetland conservation laws, and keep farmers who plant cover crops from being penalized by crop insurance companies. Let your members of Congress know you support Rep. Nolan’s bill today!

The House Agriculture Committee is expected to consider a new five-year Farm Bill in the next few weeks, and the League is working with allies to support the "good driver discount"’ on crop insurance, full funding for conservation programs, and preserving laws that require farmers who get federal Farm Bill benefits to have soil conservation plans in place for highly erodible soil and to avoid draining or filling wetlands.