Outdoor Ethics

The Izaak Walton League inspires all types of outdoor enthusiasts to take personal responsibility for protecting the outdoors. League chapters promote outdoor ethics and provide various outdoor recreational opportunities. Chapters offer programs focused on educating and supporting ethical behavior among all outdoor users, particularly gun owners and hunters, to ensure the safety of others, protect the environment, and conserve fish and wildlife for future generations.

The League is recognized for our leadership in developing a national outdoor recreation policy that addresses personal behavior and the public’s ability to enjoy the lands, waters, and other natural resources that belong to all Americans. Spurred by escalating pressures on America’s outdoor resources after World War II, the League actively led national efforts to comprehensively assess the future of outdoor recreation. This national perspective spurred expansion of the National Park System and wilderness areas and laid the foundation for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Through the LWCF, a portion of the revenue from federal oil and gas leases on public lands is invested in conserving additional public lands and wildlife habitat and supporting recreation at the state and local levels.

Hunting as an Ethical Pursuit

At our national convention in July 2014, members of the Izaak Walton League passed a resolution recommending that state legislatures across the country implement a conservation policy on hunting consistent with existing League fair chase policies that prohibits:

  • The artificial or unnatural enhancement of a game species’ genetic characteristics. This includes artificial insemination, controlled or unnatural breeding programs, cloning, and translocation of breeding stock for shooting purposes, and
  • The practice of transporting big game species from one location to another, within the state or between states, so it can be killed for a fee.
Scouting hunt location in Minnesota. Credit Tina Shaw-USFWS

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