Explore Bowhunting Instructor Kit Now Available

Interest in bowhunting continues to grow each year, and bowhunters are the most avid archery participants. This new resource will help Izaak Walton League chapters take bowhunting classes to a new level and engage new audiences. 

Developed by the Archery Trade Association, the Explore Bowhunting Instructor Kit has the tools needed for any hunter education instructor, certified archery instructor, or avid archer to introduce new audiences to bowhunting. The kit includes:

  • Instructor Curriculum Book
  • Student Handbook
  • Anatomy Flip-Book
  • Archery Equipment Booklet
  • Crossbow Addendum
  • Curriculum Media Pack (includes ready-made PowerPoint presentations, graphics of hunt strategy maps, fact charts, bowhunting photos, audio recordings, and videos to aid you as you develop and conduct your own classroom presentations).

Order your kit today (PDF link) for the IWLA discounted rate of $75! (Price includes shipping and handling.) 

Explore Bowhunting Kit contents