Award Winners

2019 National Awards (for efforts in 2018)

Hall of Fame Awards: Recognizes a member’s outstanding accomplishments in furthering the mission and goals of the League.

  • Kenneth Dufalla
  • Dr. William H. Roberts

Conservation Awards: Recognizes member contributions to conservation in the name of the League. 

  • Rick Cerwick
  • Russell Ireland
  • Tamatha Patterson
  • Glenn Sigwalt
  • Steve Swanson

Outdoor Ethics Awards: Presented to individuals, groups, or organizations judged to have done outstanding work in outdoor ethics.

  • Tiffin-Seneca Chapter, Ohio

Save Our Streams Awards: Recognizes outstanding work in environmental education and citizen activism for clean water.

  • Jeff Clow
  • Leslie G. Monostory
  • R. John Dawes

Shooting Sports Awards: Presented to individuals, groups, or organizations judged to have done outstanding work to promote shooting sports. 

  • Charlie Mundy, Grand View University Shooting Sports Team
  • Stan Bonjour, Southwest Wisconsin Chapter, Wisconsin
  • Steve Knight, Oil City Chapter, Pennsylvania

Honor Roll Awards: Recognizes outstanding accomplishments in conservation, public education, and/or publicity in keeping with the League’s goals by an individual or organization.

  • Central Platte Natural Resources District
  • Jan Goldman-Carter
  • Dr. Russell Nemecek
  • Linda Schneider
  • York County Conservation District

Arthur R. Thompson Memorial Award: Recognizes the state division that has carried out the most outstanding conservation program.

  • West Virginia Division

James Lawton Childs Awards: Recognizes chapter accomplishments in conservation.

  • Over 500 members: Loudoun County Chapter, Virginia
  • Under 500 members: Porter County Chapter, Indiana

Robert C. O’Hair Awards: Recognizes outstanding chapter youth programs.

  • Under 500 members: Porter County Chapter, Indiana
  • Over 500 members: Rockville Chapter, Maryland

Thelma “Pete” Reed Memorial Award: Recognizes a member who has volunteered many hours at the local or state level and is considered an “up and coming” future leader.

  • Lisa McIntyre, Warren County Chapter, Iowa

Stanford Adams Memorial Leadership Award: Recognizes a National Director, or Director-at-Large who has shown extraordinary commitment to his or her duties and responsibilities. The award is named for former national president Stan Adams, who mentored numerous League leaders.

  • Les Monostory, New York

Best Chapter Newsletter Awards: 

  • Under 500 members: The Des Moines Ike, Des Moines Chapter, Iowa
  • Over 500 members: Winchester Newsletter, Winchester Chapter, Virginia

Best Chapter Website Award: 

  • Suffolk-Nansemond Chapter, Virginia

2019 Membership Awards (for 2018 efforts)

Our membership awards recognize the creative, hard-working League chapters that implemented effective membership recruitment and retention efforts last year.

John C. Gregory Award: For the division with the overall highest numerical increase in members

  • Oregon Division: 97 members

Membership Achievement Award: For the chapter with greatest numerical increase in members

  • Eugene (Oregon) Chapter: 97 members

Defenders Chapter Achievement Awards

This year, 47 League chapters were honored with a Defenders Chapter Achievement Award for their contributions to the League’s mission through their successful programs promoting membership, education, conservation, youth involvement, community outreach, and the principles of philanthropy.
  • Arlington-Fairfax (Virginia)
  • Bethesda-Chevy Chase (Maryland)
  • Bill Cook(Wisconsin)
  • Brown County (Wisconsin)
  • Cass County (Minnesota)
  • Central New York (New York)
  • Des Moines (Iowa)
  • Dwight Lydell (Michigan)
  • Elgin (Illinois) **
  • Frederick #1 (Maryland)
  • Fredericksburg-Rappahannock (Virginia)
  • Grand Island (Nebraska)
  • Hamilton (Ohio)
  • Harford County (Maryland)
  • Jaques (Minnesota)
  • Kampeska (South Dakota)
  • Lincoln (Nebraska)
  • Lois Green-Sligo (Maryland)
  • Loudoun County (Virginia) **
  • McCook Lake (South Dakota)
  • Medina (Ohio)
  • Mid-Shore (Maryland)
  • Mountaineer (West Virginia)
  • New London (Minnesota)
  • Owatonna (Minnesota) **
  • Prairie Woods (Minnesota)
  • Rochester (Minnesota)
  • Rockville (Maryland)
  • Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
  • Sportsman’s (Maryland)
  • Sunshine (South Dakota)
  • Tiffin-Seneca County (Ohio)
  • Walter J. Breckenridge (Minnesota)
  • Wapashaw (Minnesota) *
  • Warren County (Iowa)
  • Warren County (Virginia)
  • Wayne County (Ohio)
  • Wes Libby - Northern Lakes (Minnesota)
  • Wildlife Achievement (Maryland)
  • Will Dilg (Minnesota)
  • York #67 (Pennsylvania) **

* First-time recipient
** 20th consecutive year!