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2019 IWLA National Convention

Des Moines, Iowa ● July 16-19, 2019



Soil and Water: Where It All Begins

Des Moines has always been a popular League convention destination, and for good reason! Whether you love good food, good drinks, or good family fun, Des Moines has something for everyone. 

A lot has changed since we were last in Iowa’s capital city! It’s become a hot spot for trendy restaurants and bars. We’re even at a new convention hotel this year. But all your favorite standbys are still here too.

Convention is fun, but it’s also a time for League members to tackle serious issues. Healthy soil and clean water are critical to the well-being of our communities. And yet so many aspects of our lives — how we grow our food, how we build our communities, how companies extract resources for technologies we all want to use — have negative impacts on the health of America’s soil and water.

These issues are on vivid display in Des Moines and across Iowa. Polluted runoff from farms, suburban yards, and commercial development; accelerating loss of native habitat, wetlands, and open spaces; and the rapid deterioration of productive soil are happening here and across the country. No community is immune from these persistent threats.

These are the natural resource challenges of our time. And we’re coming to Des Moines to confront them head- on! As a national organization, as League chapters, and as individual Ikes, we can all make a difference for the future of conservation.

Join us in Des Moines to get involved!

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Convention Highlights

Tuesday, July 16

  • Executive Board Meeting
  • Resolutions Committee Meeting
  • Early Bird Party and Auction
  • Youth Convention Early Bird

Wednesday, July 17

  • New Attendee Orientation
  • Convention Opening Ceremony
  • How We Use the Land Has Consequences (Speaker Panel)
  • Awards Luncheon*
  • Nominating Committee Meetings
  • Resource Committee Meetings
  • Parade of States

Thursday, July 18

  • Save Our Streams 50th Anniversary
  • Change Is Good for Our Water, Health, and Communities (Speaker Panel)
  • National Officer Elections
  • Conservation Luncheon
  • Small-Group Workshops
  • Des Moines Chapter Dinner

Friday, July 19

  • Ding Darling Dishes on Conservation, Politics, and More
  • IWLA Board of Directors Meeting
  • Executive Board Elections
  • Convention Site Selection
  • IWLA Endowment Board of Directors Meeting and Elections
  • Resource Committee Reports
  • Vote on National Policy Resolutions
  • Closing Banquet and Officer Inductions

*Membership Awards and National Awards events are now combined into one Awards Luncheon