Stream Selfie

You have the right to know whether the streams running through your backyard or neighborhood parks is safe. But there is an alarming lack of up-to-date information about water quality across the country. The Izaak Walton League’s “Stream Selfie” campaign will help bridge that information gap.

Anyone can get involved! Simply snap a photo of a stream that’s important to you, answer a few key questions, and share your picture on our Stream Selfie website. We'll feature the best Stream Selfie each week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! 

With each photo, we are also creating a first-of-its-kind national map for volunteers and community organizations involved with stream monitoring. By putting this information in one place, we can highlight streams that are being monitored today and develop a national inventory of streams that need to be monitored in the future.

The League is proud to be partnering with SciStarter on this campaign. SciStarter is the place to find, join, and track contributions to citizen science projects. Through SciStarter, people across the globe can contribute to recreational science activities and formal research efforts.

Thousands of people are working toward a common goal: clean water. Will you join us?

Click on our infographic to learn how to upload your Stream Selfie or dive right into SciStarter now!

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Casey with the Southern Brown Conservation Club (SBCC) assesses water health in Branch River, Wisconsin by monitoring variables like temperature, salinity and conductivity with a YSI meter. Do you care about a stream near you? Show us where. #WaterWednesday #StreamSelfie

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6 Steps to a Stream Selfie

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