Soil Your Undies

Soil Your Undies

This summer,
it's okay to Soil Your Undies.

Healthy, living soils are important whether you have a large farm or ranch or a small garden or yard. Healthy soils grow stronger plants, produce more nutritious fruits and vegetables, reduce erosion, store carbon, and are more resilient to droughts, floods, and pests. Healthy soil provides a home for billions of beneficial fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and other critters that help hold the soil together and boost plant health.

There's an easy way to test how healthy your soil is. All you need to do is Soil Your Undies.

  1. Wash a pair of 100% cotton underwear, and bury it in the top six inches of your soil. (If it's not your land, be sure to get permission from the landowner!)
  2. Mark the spot where the undies are buried.
  3. The weekend of July 13, dig up the undies. Take a picture and post it to Facebook with the hashtag #SoilYourUndies.
  4. If you're coming to Convention, bring the undies for our exhibit!

This short video explains it all.

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I Buried My Undies!

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If your soil is healthy, in a few weeks organisms such as bacteria, worms, and nematodes will have eaten most of the underwear you buried, leaving the elastic band.

While you're waiting for these microbes to do their work, learn about simple steps you can take to improve the health of your soil.

Check back each week for more tips about easy ways to increase the life in your soil!