Whether you are concerned about clean water in your neighborhood, robust fish and wildlife populations, healthy air to breathe, or access to places where your family can get back to nature, you can take action today to safeguard natural resources for generations to come.

Clean Air & Energy

Abundant, reliable sources of energy are vital to life as we know it. Yet producing that energy can harm your family's health as well as our air, water, and other natural resources we all rely on. You can help lessen the impacts of our energy system. We'll show you how.

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Fish & Wildlife

Every animal needs a few things to survive: food, water, and a suitable place to live (habitat). By using our natural resources in a sustainable way and accepting our responsibility to live with the wildlife around us, we can ensure abundant fish and wildlife populations and maintain our wildlife-based traditions, including hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching.

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Soils & Agriculture

Farms and ranches account for about 51 percent of all U.S. land area. They also affect every aspect of our environment, from water and air quality to soil health to wildlife habitat. Even if you’re not a farmer, you can help ensure America’s farms can feed us while protecting the natural resources we all need.

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How clean is your water? We can help you find out whether your neighborhood streams are safe, work with your state to improve water quality and wildlife habitat, and protect the nation’s most critical clean water laws.

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Woods & Public Lands

From energy to power our homes to solitude that re-energizes our spirits, America’s woods and public lands meet many needs every day. We can (and must) manage these resources to meet future needs as well. 

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