Guidelines for Duties and Responsibilities of National Directors

Includes Past National Presidents and National Officers 

Membership on the National Board of Directors of the Izaak Walton League of America is more than an honor. In accepting nomination and election, you also accept certain responsibilities. Some of these are clearly spelled out in the national IWLA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

The League has three levels: chapter, division, and national ― each with the same basic purpose. Each level has additional rules, but none may take the place of, or contradict, the national IWLA Bylaws.

As a National Director, your obligations and responsibilities are to see that the chapters, the division, and the national sections combine their efforts to carry out the purpose of the League as a whole.


Local and State Level

  1. Each National Director serves as a link between the national organization and the state division, assists the chapters on behalf of the division, and vice versa. In states that are represented by two or more National Directors, the Division President shall outline a geographical area and assign specific chapters as the responsibility for each National Director to serve as a liaison.

  2. Directors are to:

A. Attend all state division meetings. Each shall also attend all National Board of Directors meetings. If unable to attend, the National Director should contact the state Division President and Secretary, in writing, and give a valid reason. The Division President then can select a substitute for that meeting.

B. Keep the state Division President and officers informed of chapter developments. Report new national developments to the Division officers. Send reports on national meetings immediately to the Division President.

C. Visit assigned chapters at least once a year; every four months, if possible. Be willing to assist the officers in operations and in furthering the League’s conservation, outdoor recreation, and other goals, such as:

  • Assist chapters and divisions in orientation of new officers.
  • Stimulate members to promote membership growth and retention.
  • Suggest conservation and outdoor recreation projects or activities.
  • Encourage chapters to promote and conduct public educational programs for their members and the public on conservation, outdoor recreation, and other important related issues.
  • Bring information to the chapters about current issues affecting conservation and outdoor recreation on the national and state levels.
  • Promote member engagement to achieve the League’s goals.
  • Communicate issue concerns and policy needs of the divisions and chapters to the national office.
  • Encourage chapters to publicize conservation and outdoor recreation activities.
  • Support the establishment of new chapters and assist them to succeed.
  • Help explain policies and programs of the state division or national organization.

D. Present Judge John W. Tobin Chapter Volunteer Appreciation Awards at a chapter meeting or function. Encourage chapters to nominate their top volunteer members to the national office for this annual award.

National Level

  1. All National Directors and Directors-At-Large are expected to:

    A. Suggest to chapters appropriate actions to be taken on conservation and outdoor recreation related issues based on established national policy.

    B. Suggest projects or policy positions to be taken by the national organization.

    C. Serve as a liaison with the national organization on conservation and outdoor recreation issues.

    D. Follow up promptly when action is requested by National Officers.

    E. Serve diligently on national committees when appointed.

    F. Promote harmony and unity within the assigned areas of responsibility.

    G. Support annual appeals and annually report donated travel and volunteers hours.

    H. Have internet access to be able to participate in all board-related electronic communications and encourage other leaders to communicate electronically. to promote all electronic functions of the League

  2. Further, the Directors-At-Large are expected to:

    A. Maintain communications and updates with chapters located either within their state or in nearby states where no state Division exists.

    B. Attend National Board of Directors meetings.

    C. Promote and present the chapter membership recognition, national-level, and Tobin awards at chapter meetings or functions within their state.

  3. Other members of the National Board of Directors (category includes Past National Presidents and National Officers) are expected to:

A. Follow the same guidelines as the National Directors elected by state divisions regarding meeting attendance and act as a liaison between national,state, and local levels of the League.

B. Assist whenever they may be called upon by the Executive Board or state Division President for any other duties described for the National Directors.

Governing Rules

  1. Rules governing the National Directors are covered in Article 10. “Board of Directors” of the national IWLA Bylaws. Special attention is called to the following requirements:

A. There are two yearly meetings of the National Board of Directors. One shall be at the national convention and the other at the mid-winter board meeting.

B. If a director fails to attend any two consecutive National Board of Directors or two consecutive state division meetings without good and reasonable cause or is not fulfilling the duties, as described in the national IWLA Bylaws, it is the duty of the Executive Board to declare such member’s position on the National Board of Directors vacant. The vacancy will then be filled by state election.

C. Directors elect members of the Executive Board within 24 hours after election of the National Officers at the national convention.

{Approved 2009 / Edited March 2018}