Potential Range Funding Sources

Some state fish and wildlife agencies use a portion of their federal Pittman-Robertson (P-R) Act funding to make grants to nonprofit organizations or local governments for shooting range projects. 

To help chapters capitalize on this funding opportunity, the League has researched and developed the series of P-R Funding Summaries detailing grant programs offered by certain states where the League has a significant presence:


Each analysis summarizes authorized uses of grant funds, public use requirements, how to apply, and provides state agency contact information.

The publication, Using Wildlife Restoration Funds for Shooting Ranges, by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, further provides a broad overview of the use of P-R funds for public shooting ranges.  

There are other sources of potential funding and in-kind support for chapter shooting ranges and shooting sports education and training programs. Refer to the Ikes On Target newsletter (volume 5, issue 1) for further details. 

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