Outdoor Recreation


Fishing is a great way to introduce youth, adults, and families to outdoor recreation – and engage them in the great outdoors for life. Many state fish and wildlife agencies offer "free fishing days" that allow anglers to fish without a license. It's the perfect opportunity for beginners to try out fishing.

Many Izaak Walton League chapters are wonderful places to introduce people to fishing – and possibly gain a few new members as well. Consider hosting a day of fishing at your local chapter, or providing instruction and access to ponds or lakes for non-members. If your chapter does not have a pond, consider hosting an event in the community. Individual League members can take a friend or family member who has never been fishing out on the water for a day.
In many states, the "free fishing days" take place during National Fishing and Boating Week in early June. In other states they vary, and these days may coincide with national holidays or other prime times for angling. Check our Fishing page for information about your state.

A young boy holding a fish he just caught at a National Fishing and Boating event. Photo credit: USFWS

Exclusive Discount

Zebco’s Family Fishing Program provides discounted rods and reels to non-profit organizations that engage youth and families in fishing activities. (NOTE: Items must be used for a League chapter’s fishing event or given as prizes at such events.)

Chapters may submit their request, by first emailing zebco_logo_smchapters@iwla.org for an authorized discount code and ordering instructions before you can place an order. Please include your name, chapter name, and officer title (if applicable) in your email.

Shooting Sports

Ikes On Target Newsletter

This newsletter provides targeted news and information for chapters with shooting sports facilities.

Photo credit: Izaak Walton League of America

Ikes On Target: Volume 1, Issue 1

IN THIS ISSUE: Promoting Shooting Sports * Your Chapter's Members * Featured Chapters: Lancaster Red Rose (PA) and Arlington-Fairfax (VA) * Chapters Offering Shooting Sports * IWLA Shooting Sports Committee

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