2019 Conservation Policy Resolutions

IWLA members set our conservation policies through our resolutions process, which ends with a vote at the national convention. At the July 2019 national convention, delegates passed the following resolutions. (More details will be coming soon.)


The Izaak Walton League of America calls on the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to fully evaluate impacts of permits and construction projects involving “Natural Resource Related Systems” as to their actual tangible real economic impacts to all entities engaged in the utilization of the resource for aesthetic, drinking water, food, recreation, business, or any other activity of economic importance.  The reviews and decision making process must be fully subject to public review and comment.


The Izaak Walton League of America supports the continued operation, expansion of technologies as deemed necessary, and maintenance of a barrier system, as prescribed by The Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study – Brandon Road Integrated Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement, until such time as the Mississippi River basin and Great Lakes basin are hydrologically separated.


The Izaak Walton League of America encourages League programs on fighting climate change and declares that the League is acting immediately to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas production at all levels in League operations, and to make anti-CO2 and methane reduction a major emphasis in our advocacy. The League challenges all IWLA Divisions and Chapters to make greenhouse gas reduction a goal of their operations, including, wherever possible, conversion to solar photovoltaic or wind power and implementation of whatever other strategies they can find to achieve that end. 


Therefore, be it resolved, the Izaak Walton League of America, assembled in convention in Des Moines, Iowa, July 19, 2019, calls upon Congress to fulfill its obligations under the agreement with Florida established in the Water Resources Development Act of 2000, and promptly provide the approximately $1 billion in funding that it has fallen behind for its half of the costs for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. Further, the League calls on Congress to provide sufficient annual funding for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan for the remainder of the project. Additionally, Congress should provide annual funding to acquire land or conservation easements on land that is of acute conservation importance to the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge.


The Izaak Walton League of America supports passage of legislation that would prohibit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on all public lands.


The Izaak Walton League of America opposes any seismic exploration, leasing for, or development of, oil or natural gas resources in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


The Izaak Walton League of America recognizes that plastic waste is one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. The League also recognizes the need to sharply reduce the amount of plastic being washed into the world’s streams, rivers, and oceans. The League encourages every unit of government to enact legislation and regulations to curtail and where possible, ban the use of single-use plastics, such as disposable water bottles, drinking straws, and grocery bags.

Further resolved, the League urges the United States to ratify the 1989 Basel Convention on the control of hazardous waste, including plastic.