Build a Chapter Web Site

One of the most valuable things you can do to communicate with the public about your chapter is to have a well-designed, up-to-date website. This is especially important for reaching young adults and young families.

Building and maintaining a basic website is not very difficult – and the League's National staff can help.

Beginning in 2009, National staff set up custom websites for interested chapters and divisions using Google Sites. Many chapters are still using these sites to communicate with members and promote the chapter in general.

In the following years, Google introduced a new version of its website-building platform. This new version is easier to use and creates websites with a more modern, more streamlined design.

In 2018, Google announced plans to retire the old version of the website-building platform. This means that at some point, owners of sites built on the old version will no longer be able to update their websites.

If your chapter has a website on the old version of the platform, it is easy to move to the new version. Learn how. If your chapter does not have a website on Google at all, it is easy to get started.

With the new version of Google Sites, you can...

  • build a complete website in a simple point-and-click interface
  • easily activate a feature to count visitors to your website
  • have your chapter's website, online file storage, and official email address connected to a single easy-to-manage account
  • get the best support from National staff
Contact the National office today to start creating your new website. Or use these resources to begin building a website on your own.

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