Award Winners 2019

2019 National Awards (for efforts in 2018)

Hall of Fame Awards

Recognizes a member’s outstanding accomplishments in furthering the mission and goals of the League.

Kenneth Dufalla: Ken is one of the co-creators of the Citizens Watershed Monitoring Program, which tests streams and rivers for markers of hydraulic fracturing wastewater: total dissolved solids, conductivity, temperature, and pH. He also helped develop a partnership with the Water Resources Institute at West Virginia University to create and maintain a database of test results. Ken has trained numerous volunteer stream monitors at the Harry Enstrom Chapter (where  he currently serves as president) as well as the League’s Monongalia Chapter in West Virginia, and he is viewed by the community as a resource on water and air pollution concerns. Ken rallies local communities to challenge the often inadequate efforts or indifference of the  state agencies charged with protecting Pennsylvania’s environment. He will never stop fighting for the health and safety of his neighbors and their children.

Dr. William H. Roberts: Bill embraced the League’s Save Our Streams program and Clean Water Challenge with an enthusiasm that is spreading throughout his chapter and community. He chairs the Lois Green-Sligo Chapter’s Conservation and Save Our Streams Committees and the Maryland Division’s Save Our Streams Committee. Bill has fostered partnerships with numerous local groups – including churches, youth organizations, and outdoor sports clubs – and engaged them in stream monitoring. He has broken down barriers for community partners who would like to monitor water quality, including by working with chapter leaders to create a shared supply of monitoring equipment that partners can use. A certified Master Naturalist, Bill also volunteers at local schools to teach stream monitoring, macroinvertebrate identification, data collection, and stream stewardship – all with the goal of molding the next generation of conservationists.

Conservation Awards

Recognizes member contributions to conservation in the name of the League. 

Rick Cerwick:
Rick chairs the Des Moines Chapter’s Iowa Outdoor Expo For Kids and Families – a free event that attracts thousands of people to learn about hunting, fishing, shooting sports, camping, water sports, conservation, and more. Rick also works on wildlife conservation and hunter education issues on behalf of the League in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines Parks and Recreation, and the Conservation Districts of Polk and Warren Counties.

Russell Ireland: A member of the Monongalia County Chapter for more than 40 years, Rusty has a long history as an advocate for the Adopt-A-Highway program (and its predecessors), including as chapter liaison with the state department of highways for the past 15 years to coordinate clean-up efforts along eight miles of highway. He is also part of the chapter team using the Citizens Watershed Monitoring Program to test local streams and rivers for markers of hydraulic fracturing wastewater.

Tamatha Patterson: A trained ecologist, Tammy’s professional experience with the U.S. Geological Survey gives her a unique perspective that she brings to the Porter County Chapter’s ongoing work to conserve the Kankakee River and Indiana Dunes. Her work on wind farm wildlife fatalities led to an interest in bat populations, and she led  a chapter effort to study local bats and install artificial bat habitat on one of the chapter’s conservation properties.

Glenn Sigwalt: Glenn has been instrumental in the fish stocking program at the Illinois Division’s Giant Goose Conservation and Education Center, and he serves as a youth angling instructor at the Giant Goose and the Geneseo Chapter. Glenn builds bird, squirrel, and bat houses for the Geneseo Chapter to promote and enhance wildlife habitat, and some of these houses are sold to fund the chapter’s scholarship program. He is also instrumental in the chapter’s Adopt-A-Road program.

Steve Swanson: Steve works with youth at the Sioux Falls Chapter to promote shooting sports and a love of outdoor activities. He teaches youth to take care of the land by participating in ditch walks and other conservation efforts. A fifth-generation farmer, Steve shares his farming experience with youth at harvest time (what kid would pass up a chance to ride in a combine?) and mentors youth hunters on the farm.

Save Our Streams Awards

Recognizes outstanding work in environmental education and citizen activism for clean water.

Jeff Clow:
Jeff assumed leadership of the Sioux Falls Chapter’s Save Our Streams program after the passing of his mentor, Roger Parham. In addition to heading up stream monitoring for the chapter, Jeff continued the chapter’s work with the Sioux Falls Water Festival, which brings in hundreds of school children to learn about water quality and how they can help keep their water clean.

Leslie G. Monostory: Les has been working to restore the Onondaga watershed for more than 40 years. As part of that effort, he helped create Project Watershed, which has engaged over 3,000 kids from more than 70 schools in cleaning up local waterways and monitoring water quality. In 1991, Les and fellow Central New York Chapter members began monitoring Beartrap Creek, a tributary of Onondaga Lake. When they documented a sharp decline in the creek’s water quality, state scientists confirmed that the creek had been contaminated with airplane deicer. Thanks to the volunteers’ monitoring data and advocacy efforts, the local airport agreed to build a deicer reclamation and treatment facility. By 2008, water quality had improved such that the creek could support crayfish and darter minnows, and Onondaga Lake is the cleanest it’s been in a century. According to one Project Watershed volunteer, “The real legacy that Les leaves behind isn’t a cleaner creek. It’s the knowledge he gives to us and the dedication to use it.”

R. John Dawes: John and his team at The Commons (formerly Chesapeake Commons) built the League’s Clean Water Hub – a flexible, user-friendly database that enables any citizen concerned about water quality to find local, up-to-date stream monitoring information. John’s experience, skills, and enthusiasm have been invaluable to this project.

Thelma “Pete” Reed Memorial Award

Recognizes a member who has volunteered many hours at the local or state level and is considered an “up and coming” future leader.

Lisa McIntyre, Warren County Chapter, Iowa

Stanford Adams Memorial Leadership Award

Recognizes a National Director, or Director-at-Large who has shown extraordinary commitment to his or her duties and responsibilities. The award is named for former national president Stan Adams, who mentored numerous League leaders.

Les Monostory
, New York

Shooting Sports Awards

Presented to individuals, groups, or organizations judged to have done outstanding work to promote shooting sports. 

Charlie Mundy, Grand View University Shooting Sports Team:
Coach Charlie Mundy led the inaugural Grand View University Shooting Sports Team in 2016 and has been bringing his team to the Warren County Chapter since then. Charlie’s leadership and the presence of his well-coached team have benefitted chapter members and helped boost attendance at chapter events. He provides an introduction to shooting sports and regularly conducts shooting clinics at the Warren County Chapter. He and his team also volunteer with trap shooting at the Iowa Outdoor Expo hosted by the Des Moines Chapter. Coach Mundy implemented the first collegiate shooting conference in Iowa and has helped many Iowa colleges start new programs.

Stan Bonjour, Southwest Wisconsin Chapter, Wisconsin: Stan coaches and mentors students of all ages in his role as Shooting Sports Coordinator for the Southwestern Wisconsin Chapter. He helped form a 40-member high school trap team and trains other shooting coaches and team captains so that they can teach others. He also runs sessions open to the public to introduce people to the shooting sports and the League.

Steve Knight, Oil City Chapter, Pennsylvania: As Head Coach and Program Director of the Oil City Chapter’s Youth Shooting Sports Program, Steve has been a key factor in this successful program since the early 1990s. More than 400 young people have passed through the program, including several Junior Olympics qualifiers and five youth who received college scholarships for shooting sports. He was also instrumental in creation of a collegiate team at nearby Venango College. His emphasis on preparation and care of equipment combined with his insistence on safety stand out.

Outdoor Ethics Awards

Presented to individuals, groups, or organizations judged to have done outstanding work in outdoor ethics.

Tiffin-Seneca Chapter, Ohio: The chapter hosts a mobility-impaired deer hunt each year that offers individuals in wheelchairs the chance to experience all of the ethical aspects of hunting that others may take for granted. Chapter members prepare deer blinds and transport hunters to them, monitor the hunters, and provide equipment to participants when needed. Elements of safety, fair chase, and shoot/no-shoot choices are faced by these hunters with assistance, coaching, and mentoring from chapter members.

Honor Roll Awards

Recognizes outstanding accomplishments in conservation, public education, and/or publicity in keeping with the League’s goals by an individual or organization.

Central Platte Natural Resources District: The district recently sponsored its 30th annual Nebraska Children’s Groundwater Festival, attended by 658 students from 20 local schools. Since 1988, more than 30,000 students have been educated about all aspects of groundwater – what it is and how we use it, monitor it, and protect it. This event has been replicated in 42 states and internationally.

Jan Goldman-Carter: A staunch advocate for clean water, Jan worked closely with the League in the battle to restore Clean Water Act protections for small streams and wetlands across the country until her retirement last year. Her unparalleled legal knowledge will be missed as we continue this fight.

Dr. Russell Nemecek: As Water Quality Management Coordinator for the Onondaga County Health Department and staff director for the citizen-based Council on Environmental Health, Russ has contributed significant time, equipment,  and technical expertise to the Central New York Chapter’s Project Watershed youth education program and Beartrap Creek Ecological Study.

Linda Schneider: As Education Specialist for the Medina County Soil and Water Conservation District, Linda has dedicated many years to educating residents and local League members on issues including backyard habitats, green cleaning, kitchen and rain gardens, and rain barrels as well as soil basics, pollinator gardens, and the relationship between macroinvertebrates and water quality.

York County Conservation District: Staff from the Conservation District partnered with the League’s York Chapter #67 to provide a valuable conservation experience for children at the region’s annual Envirothon, part of a national competition that requires youth to demonstrate knowledge of the  environment,  outdoor skills, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Chapter and Division Awards

James Lawton Childs Awards

Recognizes chapter accomplishments in conservation.

Over 500 members
Loudoun County Chapter, Virginia: Conservation activities at the chapter include Save Our Streams water quality monitoring, a butterfly way station, a pollinator garden, bluebird habitat, pond fish management, an eastern forest arboretum, an interpretive nature trail, and wildlife study. Chapter families, area youth, and the public are engaged in wildlife observation, fishing, and forest-related conservation projects.

Under 500 members
Porter County Chapter, Indiana: The chapter’s top priority is protecting the Indiana Dunes National Park. The chapter is involved in the Dunes Action Steering Committee and co-sponsored a conference on protecting the waters of Lake Michigan. Continued restoration activity at the chapter’s Conservation Areas includes tree planting and implementation of a Wetland Reserve Program as well as purchasing additional conservation easement acreage.

Robert C. O’Hair Awards

Recognizes outstanding chapter youth programs.

Under 500 members
Porter County Chapter, Indiana: In 2018, the Porter County Chapter conducted eight youth education events at local schools, including the popular Family Nature Nights, during which students and adults learn about watersheds, stream health, macroinvertebrates, and more. The chapter sponsors Scout units, Naturepalooza and Gnome’s Day Out events, and 4-H Tracker activities.

Over 500 members
Rockville Chapter, Maryland: The chapter’s Youth Conservation program engaged more than 180 children ages 4 and older in 2018. It presented six $2,000 Thomas Warren Fisher Memorial Scholarships to local students for college study. The chapter sponsors junior air rifle and pistol, BB gun, and archery training programs and focuses on a youth-oriented approach to National Hunting and Fishing Day activities.

Arthur R. Thompson Memorial Award

Recognizes the state division that has carried out the most outstanding conservation program.

West Virginia Division: In collaboration with the six League chapters in the state, the West Virginia Division contributes to conservation efforts across the state. The division sponsors a statewide Save Our Streams award in conjunction with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and funds scholarships for the West Virginia Conservation Camp, providing local youth the opportunity to receive a week of conservation education.

Best Chapter Newsletter Awards

  • Under 500 members: The Des Moines Ike, Des Moines Chapter, Iowa
  • Over 500 members: Winchester Newsletter, Winchester Chapter, Virginia

 Best Chapter Website Award

  • Suffolk-Nansemond Chapter, Virginia

John C. Gregory Award

For the division with the overall highest numerical increase in members
  • Oregon Division: 97 members

Membership Achievement Award

For the chapter with greatest numerical increase in members
  • Eugene (Oregon) Chapter: 97 members

Defenders Chapter Achievement Awards

This year, 47 League chapters were honored with a Defenders Chapter Achievement Award for their contributions to the League’s mission through their successful programs promoting membership, education, conservation, youth involvement, community outreach, and the principles of philanthropy.

  • Arlington-Fairfax (Virginia)
  • Bethesda-Chevy Chase (Maryland)
  • Bill Cook(Wisconsin)
  • Brown County (Wisconsin)
  • Cass County (Minnesota)
  • Central New York (New York)
  • Des Moines (Iowa)
  • Dwight Lydell (Michigan)
  • Elgin (Illinois) **
  • Frederick #1 (Maryland)
  • Fredericksburg-Rappahannock (Virginia)
  • Grand Island (Nebraska)
  • Hamilton (Ohio)
  • Harford County (Maryland)
  • Jaques (Minnesota)
  • Kampeska (South Dakota)
  • Lincoln (Nebraska)
  • Lois Green-Sligo (Maryland)
  • Loudoun County (Virginia) **
  • McCook Lake (South Dakota)
  • Medina (Ohio)
  • Mid-Shore (Maryland)
  • Mountaineer (West Virginia)
  • New London (Minnesota)
  • Owatonna (Minnesota) **
  • Prairie Woods (Minnesota)
  • Rochester (Minnesota)
  • Rockville (Maryland)
  • Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
  • Sportsman’s (Maryland)
  • Sunshine (South Dakota)
  • Tiffin-Seneca County (Ohio)
  • Walter J. Breckenridge (Minnesota)
  • Wapashaw (Minnesota) *
  • Warren County (Iowa)
  • Warren County (Virginia)
  • Wayne County (Ohio)
  • Wes Libby - Northern Lakes (Minnesota)
  • Wildlife Achievement (Maryland)
  • Will Dilg (Minnesota)
  • York #67 (Pennsylvania) **

* First-time recipient
** 20th consecutive year!