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Honoring Our Heritage, Embracing Our Future

The Izaak Walton League's 100th anniversary convention was an extraordinary event. Ikes celebrated an incredible legacy and charted a path for a second century of conservation leadership. Read on for a summary of key takeaways.

Vision for the Future

League President Vicki Arnold introduced our vision for our second century, which focuses on engaging more Americans in community-based conservation and volunteer science, advocating for sound public policy to protect America's natural resources for future generations, and connecting people to the natural world.

Following the presentation, a panel highlighted ways League chapters and members can begin turning that vision into reality.

Clean Water Program Director Samantha Briggs gave examples of League volunteers who go above and beyond by putting out an informational sign while they're doing community science, taking photos of their community science activities, holding fellow volunteers accountable, sharing the implications of what they discover through doing community science, and simply being persistent in their advocacy efforts.

George Venable, Chair of the Rifle and Pistol Committee at the Lynchburg (Virginia) Chapter, spoke about how chapters can engage people by introducing them to shooting sports and by partnering with Scout groups to reach youth.

Annette Hansen, Executive Director of the Porter County (Indiana) Chapter, gave a brief overview of the importance of creating partnerships. Potential partners are everywhere, including kids who need to fulfill required volunteer hours, university students who need access to research opportunities, government agencies, homeschool groups, and every organization at the local Earth Day festival. The key questions to keep in mind: what do you need from your partners, and what do they get from you? Every League chapter has plenty to offer, including the use of chapter property for recreation opportunities or research projects, and the skills and expertise of chapter members.

Later in the Convention, League Communications Director Michael Reinemer showed us simple ways chapters and divisions can leverage the vision to showcase their strengths, raise their visibility locally and engage the media.

Keep talking about our incredible history, Michael said, while also using the vision statement as a road map for engaging new audiences and meeting future challenges. Be sure to talk to the media; they are always interested in positive local stories.

One additional tip: avoid "IWLA" in favor of "Izaak Walton League." It's easier to understand and it's actually faster to say!

Read the whole vision statement


By unanimous vote, the League members present at Convention elected a slate of national officers:

  • National President – Vicki Arnold
  • National Vice President – Jodi Arndt Labs
  • National Secretary – Jim Storer
  • National Treasurer – Scott Meyer
  • Directors-At-Large – Richard Sommer and Bill Kelly

The sitting members of the Izaak Walton League Endowment Board elected four new colleagues:

  • Steve Labs of Wisconsin (three-year term)
  • Lisa McIntyre of Iowa (three-year-term)
  • Gary Schwartz of Minnesota (three-year term)
  • Annette Hansen of Indiana (one-year term)

League members in attendance at the Convention elected three directors to three-year terms on the Executive Board:

  • Dale Braun of Iowa
  • Rick Cerwick of Iowa
  • Jill Padgette of Virginia

New Logo

Following clarifying questions and debate, national directors voted unanimously to adopt a change to the League's bylaws that would give the board more flexibility to propose a new logo for the organization.

The directors then promptly voted to adopt a logo similar to the anniversary emblem for long-term use. Watch for further information about the design of this logo and about guidelines for using the League's emblems and mottos.


Delegates voted to adopt resolutions regarding protections for ephemeral streams and wetlands, conservation of native non-game fish, and technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material. Following a revised resolutions process that gave delegates more time to consult with the chapters they represent, the League membership voted not to adopt a resolution related to rural electric cooperatives.

The resolutions have been officially added to the League's policy handbook. They will also appear in the next issue of Outdoor America.


League chapters, members, volunteers and partners were recognized for accomplishments in conservation, youth engagement, shooting sports and other areas of excellence. A full list of winners is now available online. More information about the honorees will be published in Outdoor America this fall.

Anniversary Celebrations

In addition to the typical annual awards for excellence in advancing the Izaak Walton League's mission, this year we also honored the chapters that have been carrying out that mission the longest. Four chapters chartered in the League's founding year are still going strong: Chicago #1 (Illinois) was the very first chapter, while Michigan City #7 (Indiana), A.D. Sutherland (Wisconsin), and Des Moines (Iowa) also opened their doors in 1922.

100-year-old chapters

Throughout the convention, attendees had the opportunity to sign a tablecloth – a nod to an early League meeting at which Will Dilg, one of the 54 founders, scribbled down the names of his colleagues and noted how much they were donating to the organization. By the end of our centennial celebration, nearly 200 Ikes had signed the new tablecloth. Click the image below for a larger version.

Anniversary tablecloth

Our 100th anniversary national convention has come to a close. Watch this space for a summary of what happened, and for information about next year's gathering!

2022 will be a momentous year for the Izaak Walton League of America as we celebrate our 100th anniversary. One of the highlights of that celebration will be our Centennial Convention.

We'll go back to our roots in Illinois to reflect with pride on past accomplishments and look to the future of conservation and outdoor recreation.

Don't miss out on this historic moment – or on the many things to see and do in East Peoria and Illinois. Experience the Land of Lincoln, see the white bison at the Wildlife Prairie Park or tour a National Wildlife Refuge. Most of all, join your fellow Ikes to celebrate our first hundred years and launch our second century.

Online and mail registration are now closed. On-site registration is open until the beginning of each event.

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Prefer to register by mail? Download the paper registration form.

Registering a young person for Youth Convention? See the protocols and download the health and liability form.

Basic Info

Convention preview video, where and when, hotel details, convention kit

Convention Preview Video

Key Details

  • Where: Embassy Suites, East Peoria, IL
  • When: July 19-22, 2022 (Early Bird party on Tuesday night)
  • How Much: $139 ++/night – all rooms are suites!
  • Make Your Reservation: Reserve a hotel room online or call 309-694-0200 and use the code "IZA."

Hotel Amenities

  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast included daily
  • Free reception nightly with drinks and finger foods

Convention Kit

Want all the information in one convenient packet? Download the convention kit.

Schedule at a Glance

A quick calendar of key events

Tuesday, July 19

  • Executive Board Meeting
  • Early Bird Party and Auction
  • Youth Convention Early Bird

Wednesday, July 20

  • Delegate Orientation Workshop
  • Convention Opening Ceremony
  • Vision for the Future
  • League Awards Luncheon
  • Ginny Thrasher, Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Speaker/Panel Presentation (TBD)
  • Open Form Discussions
  • Parade of States

Thursday, July 21

  • Guest Speaker: David Montgomery, Ph. D.
  • National Officer Elections
  • Conservation Luncheon – Guest Speaker: Darlene Cavalier
  • Small Group Workshops
  • Wildlife Prairie Park Dinner

Friday, July 22

  • Endowment Board Meeting and Elections
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Executive Board Elections
  • Convention Site Selection
  • Vote on Resolutions
  • Closing Banquet and Officer Inductions

Special Guests

Featured speakers, keynote topics

Darlene CavalierDarlene Cavalier, "The Future of Citizen Science"

Founder, SciStarter

From day one, the League has been a leader in citizen science. Early Ikes were testing water quality nationwide and restoring black bass decades before the term “citizen science” entered the lexicon. Today, building on 50 years of experience with Save Our Streams, the League is expanding use of simple technology and crowd-sourced monitoring to engage many more Americans in citizen science and turn data into action.

Ms. Cavalier is a pioneer in citizen science: she created SciStarter as a graduate school project and grew it into a globally acclaimed online citizen science hub with more than 3,000 projects. As the League embarks on its second century, Darlene will share her perspective on the future of citizen science and help the League prepare to maximize the impact of citizen science going forward.

David MontgomeryDavid Montgomery, "Bringing Soil Health from the Farm to Your Kitchen Table"

Author, What Your Food Ate: How to Heal Our Land and Reclaim Our Health

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” The same holds for the food you eat – including fresh foods. Just how good those foods are for you depends in part on the soil in which they were grown. Healthy soil isn’t only important for farmers – it’s important to everyone living off the farm.

Mr. Montgomery’s forthcoming book, co-authored with Anne Bikle, addresses this very issue, bringing soil health from the farm to the local grocery store and your kitchen table. David will highlight the fundamentally important connections between soil and human health and how everyone can help restore one of our most important natural resources close to home. David is an author of award-winning popular-science books and has been featured in documentary films, network and cable news, as well as on a wide variety of TV and radio programs.

Convention Business

Proposed resolutions, nomination slates, elections of League Leaders, delegate accreditation


Every year at Convention, League members vote on policy resolutions that set the direction of the organization. This year's proposed resolutions include:

  • Protecting Ephemeral Streams and Wetlands
  • Funding for Rural Electric Cooperatives
  • Protection of Native Non-game Fish
  • Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
  • Rural Electric Vehicle Charging Study

See the proposed resolutions

Nomination Slates

At the convention, League members vote for national officers, members of the Executive Board, and members of the Endowment Board. The slates of nominees are as follows.

Nominate a League Leader

Nominations are now open for Izaak Walton League of America national officers, executive board, directors at large and the Izaak Walton League Endowment board of directors. Use the form linked below to nominate an Ike for any of these leadership positions.

Nomination forms must be received by the national office no later than May 1, 2022. Please note that hard copies of nomination forms will NOT be sent to national directors or chapter and division officers in the U.S. mail and the form will not be included in the printed convention kit. The U.S. mail is sometimes unreliable and nominating committees will meet virtually rather than during the national convention, which accounts for the May 1 due date.

Nominate someone for a leadership position


Delegates are the IWLA chapters’ official representatives at the national convention, and they play a key role in determining the League’s direction for the coming year. In addition to electing national officers, delegates serve on committees and vote on conservation policy resolutions.

Chapters may elect or appoint their delegates. The number of delegates allotted to each chapter is determined by the chapter’s size. Allotments are based on membership figures from the end of the previous year.

After a chapter has named its delegates, the delegate accreditation form must be completed by a chapter official and submitted to the national office by June 17, 2022.

See the delegate allotments and complete the accreditation form

Serve on a Resource or Standing Committee

The Izaak Walton League must continue the important conservation efforts it started years ago. This work cannot be done without the national Resource and Standing Committees. The Resource Committees play a central role in evaluating and approving resolutions submitted by League chapters, divisions and members. Resolutions that are approved by the delegates at the National Convention become League policy. These policies guide the League’s conservation and advocacy work at the local, state and national levels. Standing Committees contribute to essential League functions, including member and chapter awards and the annual youth convention.

Sign up to serve on a Resource or Standing Committee

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