Creek Freaks

WHAT IS A CREEK FREAK? Creek Freaks are middle school students making a splash to help the environment. Each session takes students outside to explore local streams and learn how healthy trees, shrubs, and grasses protect clean water and wildlife. Students are then empowered as local stream experts and are encouraged to continue advocating for and working to improve water quality.We'll let the Creek Freaks tell you themselves!

This program is great for anyone working with youth, from Izaak Walton League chapters to after-school programs and summer camps. 

  • Want to start an outdoor education program but don’t know where to start?
  • Looking for hands-on activities for your classroom or an existing youth program?
  • Have you been looking for a way to share your love of the outdoors with kids in your community?

Video: Experience Creek Freaks

Creek Freaks could be the answer! The Izaak Walton League can offer you several ways to get started:

  • Materials. Visit the Creek Freaks Web site to download the curriculum and extension activities. The Web site also is a place where you can post data, videos, photos, and stories about streams and learn about other streams in your community.
  • Attend a training. The Izaak Walton League runs two-day comprehensive training on all of the hands-on indoor and stream monitoring activities for the Creek Freaks program. The training will include a basic overview of stream ecology, guidance on how to manage the logistics of conducting on-going youth programs, and hands-on training in conducting activities from the Creek Freaks curriculum. Contact IWLA Clean Water Program Director Danielle Donkersloot at for information about upcoming trainings.
  • Equipment loan. The Izaak Walton League national office in Gaithersburg, Maryland, has a full set of monitoring equipment, hands-on activity materials, and boots for stream monitoring. Contact IWLA Clean Water Program Director Danielle Donkersloot at for more information.

This program is a partnership of the Izaak Walton League of America, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, and U.S. Forest Service.

Students Enthusiastic About Stream Education

Dwight Lydell (Michigan) Chapter member Bob Stegmier took a group of middle school students on a stream adventure they won’t soon forget. But don’t take our word for it – read the students’ essays about their experiences. (“Adrenaline rush” is rarely a phrase we hear from our adult stream monitors!)

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Additional Resources

Water Words

Jul 12, 2015, 23:50 PM
Need the details on your watershed? Want to know what an aquifer is? We've got you covered – with water!
External link:

Aquifer: An underground layer of sand, gravel, or permeable rock where water collects.

Ecosystem: A system or area defined by a community of living organisms (plants, animals, bacteria) and their environment working together. A meadow, forest, and wetland are all different types of ecosystems.

Erosion: Wearing away of soil and rock from land by water, wind, ice, or gravity.

Floodplain: A low-lying land area along a stream or river that becomes covered with water when the stream or river spills over its banks. The flood water carries small rocks, gravel, and dirt – known as sediment – that builds up the land and enriches the soil over many years. Floodplains are important to people and wildlife. Flood waters spread out and slow down on a floodplain, protecting nearby communities from flood damage. Plants and trees in floodplains also filter pollutants and sediment.

Groundwater: Water that is stored in pores, cracks, and crevices below the water table and serves as the source of water for wells and springs.

Habitat: The area or environment where an animal finds the food, water, shelter, and space it needs to survive.

Hard Surfaces: When it rains, water runs off hard surfaces such as parking lots or sidewalks and enters storm drains. Many people think that water entering storm drains gets treated, but it does not; it gets dumped directly into streams. Hard surfaces speed the flow of water, causing erosion. In addition, water that runs over hard surfaces can become heated during warm weather and increase the temperature of stream waters, causing problems for fish and macroinvertebrates that need cool, well-oxygenated water.

Invasive Species: A species of plant or animal that is not native to a given ecosystem but whose presence might cause environmental harm to the system or harm to human health. Invasive species often thrive in new habitats because they have no natural predators in the new ecosystem to keep them in check.

Macroinvertebrates: A spineless animal visible without the use of a magnifying glass. Benthic macroinvertebrates, which live in the bottom of streams and wetlands, are good indicators of water quality because they live in the same area most of their lives and differ in their sensitivity to pollution. Which macroinvertebrates you find – or don’t find – in a stream indicates the pollution level of the water. Benthic macroinvertebrates include aquatic insects (such as dragonfly and damselfly larvae) and crustaceans (such as crayfish, snails, and clams). See our “Key to Stream Macroinvertebrates” for more macroinvertebrates and illustrations of each.

Nonpoint-Source Pollution: Pollution that cannot be traced to a single source. Oil, gasoline, brake fluid, trash, fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste that wash into waterways and damage water quality are considered nonpoint-source pollution. For more information, read “Sources of Pollution: Point and Nonpoint.”

Nutrients: Substances that promote growth. In a stream or other body of water, fertilizers, animal waste, and decaying leaves and grasses can be considered nutrients. In excess amounts, nutrients become pollutants.

Point-Source Pollution: Pollution from a sewage treatment facility or industrial plant is called “point source” pollution because it comes from a single “point” – a pipe, ditch, or other discernible source carrying waste away from these facilities. For more information, read “Sources of Pollution: Point and Nonpoint.”

Pollutant: Any substance that causes harm to human health or the environment.

Riparian Zone (also called a “Green Zone”): This term is used to describe the green ribbon of plants along the side of a stream, where the land and water can overlap. A riparian zone has distinctive plant species, soil types, topography, and wildlife because it is so close to the water. Riparian zones vary in size. For example, vegetation along a desert stream may be small and sparse while the vegetation along a mountain stream may be tall and lush.

Runoff: Rain or snowmelt that flows over ground surfaces. This water can collect nutrients, pollutants, and other materials from air or land and carry them into streams and lakes.

Sediment: Soil, rock fragments, and other material transported and deposited by water, wind, or other forces. For example, it is natural for stream waters to carry sediment. “Sedimentation” occurs when the rocks and dirt carried by the water build up on the bottom and sides of a stream.

Soil: Soil is a mixture of solids (minerals and organic matter), liquid, and gases that occurs on a land surface.

Stream Banks: Areas on either side of a stream that restrict lateral water movement at normal water levels.

Watershed: The land area that drains into a stream or other body of water. Watersheds come in many different sizes; the watershed of a small creek may also be part of the watershed for a larger river. For example, water flows into the Mississippi River from more than one million square miles of land in 33 states and two Canadian provinces. Within that Mississippi River watershed are many smaller watersheds.

Wetland: A wetland is an area of land where the soil holds water all or part of the year. A wetland usually holds a mix of plants – such as trees, shrubs, grasses – and shallow surface waters. They are found in low-lying areas on floodplains and coastal areas. Wetlands are very important natural systems. They provide essential habitat for a wide variety of plant life and many different kinds of amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, mammals, and fish. Wetlands water filter runoff from the surrounding land, removing pollution and helping to keep water clean. Wetlands also provide natural and highly effective flood control.

  • Upper MO Breaks Natil Monument_BLM_500x240


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