Outdoor America Summer 2009

Outdoor America is the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Izaak Walton League of America. Each issue is filled with entertaining and educational articles about the conservation work of IWLA members. We also provide in-depth coverage of broader conservation issues such as national energy policy, urban sprawl, and wetland loss. To start receiving Outdoor America, become a League member. Here's what you missed in the last issue of the magazine:


Saving a Forest Starts at the (Grass)Roots
Maryland Ikes are working to restore the "mighty giant" of the eastern forests: The American chestnut.
By Meghan Jordan, The American Chestnut Foundation



2009 National Convention
Hundreds of Ikes gathered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to celebrate milestones, elect League leaders, set League policy -- and have fun!
By IWLA Staff




10 Outdoor Recreation and Activity Ideas for Your Chapter
The sixth in a series of articles to help chapters grow and promote the League's mission.
By Earl Hower and Dawn Mayhew Merritt





League Leader


An SOS for Community Conservation


Environmental activism starts at home.


By Mike Williams, National President




Director's Chair


A Hike To Remember


Life-long appreciation of our natural environment often starts with an adventure.


By David Hoskins, IWLA Executive Director




Ike Profile


Land Lover


Jerry Peckumn (Iowa)


By Jason McGarvey




Thinking Like a Mountain


Why Preserve Wild Forests


Should we turn every last acre of forest into a woodlot to serve human needs? What would we lose if we did?


By George Wuerthner




Outdoor Ethics


The Non-Native Dilemma


Who decides what's good and bad?


By David Hart, Field Editor




Last Stand


Preserving the Legacy


Dedicated funding to help conserve fish, wildlife, and their habitats must be part of our country's response to climate change.


By Nancy Lange, IWLA Clean Air Program Coordinator






League Lines


Community-based conservation at work




Hooks & Bulletins



Program & policy news

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