Izaak Walton League of America

Help The League Restore and Protect the Mighty Mississippi

The fabled Mississippi River, America's most famous river, has been treated poorly over the past century and is in great need of restoration – of fish and wildlife habitat, of water quality, of recreational opportunities. With our support, Congressman Walz of Minnesota is attempting to amend the river's restoration program so projects can be more efficient and effective – at no extra cost to taxpayers.

The Izaak Walton League has made restoring the Mississippi River a priority since shortly after our founding in 1922, and League staff identified and recommended this important change. Please help us capitalize on this opportunity by urging your Representative to support Congressman Walz's amendment.

But even with Walz's amendment, the Mississippi River is still under threat because the same bill includes troubling language that will roll back important conservation laws, like the Endangered Species Act, and limit public input during environmental reviews. This will have dramatic negative impacts on YOUR ability to question bad projects. When you contact your Representative, please also urge them to oppose provisions that will muzzle your voice and roll back essential conservation laws.

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