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Outdoor America Summer 2010 (Issue 3)


To Bee or Not To Bee (PDF)
Honey bee numbers are in drastic decline. What does that mean for the future of American agriculture – and what can you do to help?
By Jeremy Barnes

Geocaching Gets Families Into the Great Outdoors
Whether it’s a digital nature trail or an eco-tour of your community, these high-tech treasure hunts offer a great way for chapters to get families into conservation.
By Mary H. Rubin

2010 IWLA National Convention
Elections. Awards. National recognized speakers. It was all part of our 2010 convention, and the location near Hershey, Pennsylvania, made it extra sweet.
By Dawn Mayhew Merritt


League Leader
Ikes Resolved: Our annual convention is where League conservation policy is made.
By Jim A Madsen, IWLA National President

Director’s Chair
Ikes Share Priorities: Where do we go from here? IWLA chapters set the stage.
By David Hoskins, IWLA Executive Director

Fragile Fish * Wild Forests * Corrections

League Lines
Chapter begins long-term woodlands restoration * Youth conservation center brings community together * Ikes join forces for Missouri River clean-up * Not your average Joes’ * How much of this trash is yours? * Student partnerships * Iowa Outdoor Expo for Kids and Families

How To: Build a Hen House
These easy-to-build structures give mallard hens a safe place to lay their eggs in the spring, away from predators.

Thinking Like a Mountain
Lessons From a Deer Stand: Perched in a tree like an owl, I ponder my own existence, my purpose, and why I hunt.
By Tom Anderson

Outdoor Ethics
A View to a Kill: Are television shows giving hunters a bad image?
By David Hart, Field Editor

Hooks and Bulletins
Maryland Ike recognized as one of To 40 Environmentalists in 40 Years * League helps launch Outdoors Alliance for Kids * September opportunities to get outdoors * Policy Pulse * Reading Room * Spotlight on Grants

Last Stand
BP, Gulf Wetlands, and You: Coastal wetlands devastation was occurring here long before the BP drilling disaster
By Aaron Viles, Gulf Restoration Network

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