Outdoor America Fall 2009

Outdoor America is the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Izaak Walton League of America. Each issue is filled with entertaining and educational articles about the conservation work of IWLA members. We also provide in-depth coverage of broader conservation issues such as national energy policy, urban sprawl, and wetland loss. To start receiving Outdoor America, become a League member. Here's what you missed in this issue of the magazine:



Greening Your Chapter (PDF)
"Going green" is everywhere these days. But what exactly does going green mean - and what does it mean for your chapter?
By Rebecca Wadler Lase, Sustainability Education Program Associate
Species Survival: Pacific Salmon
The plight of Pacific salmon is a symbol of our country's growth - and the devastating impact we've had on the natural world around us. Can salmon fisheries be saved?
By Dawn Mayhew Merritt, Communications Director

Project Watershed: Connecting Students With Nature (PDF)
Project Watershed gets students out of the classroom and into local streams to engage their interest in science.
By Dawn Mayhew Merritt, Communications Director

League Leader  
Our Mountain's Majesty
Ikes can make a difference in saving the American West.
By Mike Williams, National President  
Director's Chair  
The Future of Conservation
How do you inspire the next generation of conservationists? Invite them to your chapter events.
By David Hoskins, IWLA Executive Director  
In Memoriam:   
Bill Legg (New York)  
By Patty Weisse  
Thinking Like a Mountain  
The Window Into Green
With the new wave of interest in the environment, will we finally give students the tools they need to become environmentally literate citizens?  
By Mike Weilbacher  
Outdoor Ethics  
The Hand That Feeds
Sometimes feeding wildlife does more harm than good.
By David Hart, Field Editor  
Last Stand  
Clean Water for All
It's time to restore the Clean Water Act to its original purpose.  
By Dave Zentner, Past President, IWLA


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Community-based conservation at work  
Hooks & Bulletins    
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