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Sample Proclamation

An excellent way to raise awareness in your community about the importance of wetlands and their need for conservation is to ask your town, city or state to issue a proclamation that designates May as American Wetlands Month.

Contact the office of your mayor or governor to find out the procedure to follow for submitting a proclamation. Usually, these offices will ask that you submit a proclamation written in the format shown in the example below. Call to follow up and make sure that the proclamation has been signed. You may need to renew the proclamation each year.

Feel free to use the wording of the sample proclamation below. You may want to add information specific to your state or town. Contact your state’s Department of Natural Resources or the Izaak Walton League at (800) BUG-IWLA (284-4952) or sos@iwla.org for more information on your state’s wetlands.


Be it resolved that the month of May be declared as American Wetlands Month

Whereas, wetlands are wonderlands – and one of our last wildernesses;

Whereas, more than a third of Americans hunt, fish, crab, hike, walk and boat in wetlands – and even more bird-watch and photograph wildlife there;

Whereas, nearly all of us eat fish that need to live in wetlands at some time during their life cycle;

Whereas, the economic health of many of our industries – from forests to fisheries to fur, to cranberries and rice – depends on wetlands;

Whereas, American Wetlands Month celebrates the vital role our nation’s wetlands play in our ecological and economic system;

Whereas, the preservation of our wetlands resources depends upon us as citizens;

Whereas, the observance of American Wetlands Month can do more than any other single event to raise public consciousness about wetland values, and broaden our nation’s understanding and appreciation of our natural resources;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that (town, state) does hereby declare the month of May as American Wetlands Month, now and in perpetuity.

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