Just 100 years ago, fish and wildlife populations across the nation were badly depleted. Many factors – including unregulated hunting and the destruction of forests, wetlands, and native prairie – contributed to bringing seemingly endless wildlife populations to the brink of extinction.

The abundance of many fish and wildlife species today is due in no small part to efforts by hunters, anglers, and others to restore wildlife populations and conserve habitat. However, threats to quality habitat and the fish and wildlife that depend on it remain – and in some cases are accelerating. Wetlands and grasslands essential to healthy waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife are increasingly at risk in a perfect storm of rising commodity prices, counter-productive federal farm policies, and weakened Clean Water Act wetland protections. Invasive species are crowding out native plants, fish, and wildlife at an alarming rate. 

League members today believe as strongly as our founders in the importance of conserving and restoring habitats that support healthy fish and wildlife and the outdoor recreation activities that depend on them. 

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