Ikes on Target

Ikes on Target

Nearly half of the Izaak Walton League’s 250 chapters operate firearms or archery facilities that are used for recreational shooting, to provide hunter education training, and to safely introduce people to shooting sports. Recognizing the importance of shooting sports to our chapters, the League launched a new chapter resource in 2012: a quarterly newsletter devoted to shooting sports.

Ninety years ago, the League’s founders recognized that “people who enjoyed outdoor recreation would be more likely to take up the cause of conservation.” Today, our chapters continue that tradition, providing people with a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors, including hunting and shooting sports. We hope this newsletter will help your chapter stay “on target”!


Ikes on Target - volume 3, issue 2 (PDF link)

Ikes on Target - volume 3, issue 1 (PDF link)


Ikes on Target - volume 2, issue 2 (PDF link)

Ikes on Target - volume 2, issue 1 (PDF link)


Ikes on Target - volume 1, issue 3 (PDF link)

Ikes on Target - volume 1, issue 2 (PDF link)

Ikes on Target - volume 1, issue 1 (PDF link)

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