Climate Change

Curtailing Climate Change

Wildlife and Climate Change

Treasured fish and wildlife and their habitat are threatened by a warmer, more erratic climate. The Izaak Walton League, joined by eight of the nation's leading hunting and fishing organizations, detailed the predicted impacts of climate change on the fish and wildlife habitat and the future of hunting and fishing in the United States.  The studies Seasons' End: Global Warming's Threat to Hunting and Fishing and Beyond Seasons' End: A Path Forward for Fish and Wildlife in the Era of Climate Change document the risks to wildlife, from brook trout in the East to waterfowl in the Midwest and drives home the need to move forward to implement solutions to this challenge. You can also find a quick overview of some of the most prominent at-risk fish and wildlife species in the 10 Iconic Game Species At Risk From Climate Change fact sheet.

Global warming threatens to undo the decades of work that conservationists, especially hunters and anglers, have done to protect America's fish and wildlife resources.  In two separate reports, A Whole New Game, the League documents the changing Minnesota and South Dakota climates and what these changes mean for our hunting, fishing and outdoor heritage.

Our other global warming activities are as diverse as helping the Midwestern Governors Association devise a strategy for reducing carbon emissions to advocating for less polluting transportation fuels.

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