Outdoor Ethics

Outdoor Ethics

Our goals are simple:

We must leave our woods, waters and wildlife better than we found them, and we must dedicate ourselves to inspiring others to do the same.

The Izaak Walton League of America inspires outdoor enthusiasts to accept personal responsibility for protecting outdoor resources. Our Outdoor Ethics Program focuses on the education and support of ethical behaviors in the outdoors.  Many local chapters offer hunter safety classes.  We offer educational publications and videos through our online store to further that education.

The Outdoor Ethics Program continues to use its successful network with local outdoor user groups, such as hunting and angling clubs, to spread the responsible-use message.  The IWLA Outdoor Ethics Program has led the charge to promote responsible outdoor recreation among hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, OHV users and all who enjoy our precious natural heritage. If we want to continue to enjoy the outdoors, we must behave responsibly.

Teaching Outdoor Ethics

The Izaak Walton League and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources host “Ethics In Action” workshops for hunting education instructors from all over the country. Featuring some of the nation’s leading voices in hunter education and ethics, our workshops teach instructors how to incorporate outdoor ethics lessons into their hunter education classes—instilling the values of fair chase and the importance of conservation in a new generation of hunters.

Hunter's Pledge Wallet Card

Strong relationships between hunters and landowners help ensure hunters' continued access to hunting opportunities on private land. Today, hunters are having a harder time gaining access to the private lands on which they depend.

The Hunter's Pledge wallet card is provided to help hunters and landowners establish good relationships. The wallet card consists of two distinct parts.  The top part includes the nine-point Hunter's Pledge.  The flip side of the top portion provides space for the hunter to supply his or her contact information and pledge signature. Designed for handing to a landowner by the hunter requesting access, this portion is intended to provide the landowner with identification of the hunter and with the hunter's signed commitment to an ethical code.  The bottom portion features a written permission slip to be filled out by the landowner for the hunter to carry.  Such written permission is a legal requirement in some states.

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