Webcasts and Workshops

Webcasts and Workshops

Wetland Webcasts

The Izaak Walton League has produced two webcast series: Alternative Practices for Highway Stormwater Management and Backyard Wetland Conservation. Linking from the titles above, you can view archives of previously aired programs, join our Highway Stormwater Management and Backyard Wetland Conservation discussion forums, and find links to other helpful information.


Izaak Walton League staff provides quality workshops on a variety of stream and wetland conservation and education topics. If you are an individual interested in attending a workshop, please check our calendar of events for workshops in your area. If you are with an organization, agency, or company and would like to schedule a workshop, please contact us at 800-BUG-IWLA (284-4952) or sos@iwla.org. Total costs for providing a workshop in your community will include staff time and travel, and food and materials for all workshop participants. We are able to help with fundraising to make workshops possible.

Workshop descriptions follow. Elements can be mixed and matched to create trainings that meet the needs of your group. Workshops can be scheduled in a progressive series to enhance the stewardship capacity of communities over time - starting with biological monitoring and advancing to monitoring and maintenance of a stream bank restoration. Participants are asked to conduct at least one related project in the six months following the workshop. The League follows up with workshop participants to learn of their progress in conducting projects and to provide assistance.

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Workshop educates individuals to identify water quality challenges and solutions, monitor a stream using the SOS biological monitoring technique, identify aquatic insects and crustaceans, and assess stream habitat and watershed health. An advanced training can also be used as a follow-up to this workshop that focuses on quality assurance/quality control. A "train the trainers" workshop can also be offered to help volunteers manage their own monitoring program. (One day; two days for "train-the-trainers")

Creek Freaks Program Leaders Training Workshop: Have you always wanted to start an outdoor education program but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for exciting hands-on activities for an existing youth program? Have you been looking for a way to share your love of the outdoors with kids in your community? We have the answer – attend a Creek Freaks Program Leaders training! The training will include a basic overview of stream ecology, guidance on how to manage the logistics of conducting ongoing youth programs, and hands-on training in conducting activities from the Holding Onto the GREEN Zone Action Guide. See Creek Freaks for more information.

Educators Workshop: This workshop instructs formal and non-formal classroom educators and interested citizens how to plan an interdisciplinary watershed education program based on "Hands On Save Our Streams," the League's Save Our Streams curriculum for grades one through 12 and other stream and wetland curricula. Participants learn stream and wetland monitoring and watershed mapping; storing, managing and sharing data; lessons from the stream and wetland curricula; field trip plans and special projects ideas. This workshop may also include special instruction for volunteers interested in serving as classroom resources to help teachers bring watershed conservation to life for their students. (One, two or three days)

Stream Buffer Workshop: Forest buffers play an essential role in stream health. Through this workshop, participants will learn how to protect and restore buffers to ensure healthier streams and rivers. This workshop is an introduction to forest buffer restoration for anyone interested in helping to organize volunteer projects to protect and restore streams and their buffers. This workshop covers the following topics: an introduction to stream and forest buffer ecology; effects of land-use decisions on stream and forest buffer health; steps for planning, implementing and monitoring a forest buffer project; and hands-on experience in installing a forest buffer project. (One or two days)

Introduction to Stream Stewardship Workshop: This workshop provides participants with a "crash course" in the science behind stream and watershed systems, the basic principles and planning of stream bank enhancement, and the techniques used to assess a watershed and inventory the health of a site (biological, habitat assessment, and stream channel classification). Participants will learn various causes of stream degradation and several ways to enhance stream corridors, including the participation in land-use planning and the installment of structural techniques. Each participant will receive a copy of the League's stream stewardship handbook, a valuable reference tool for future activities. (One or two days)

A follow-up workshop on the planning of a bioengineering stream enhancement project can be arranged through the League's watershed programs staff.

Wetlands Ecology and Stewardship Workshop: This workshop is designed to teach educators, business leaders, community planners and other citizens about wetland stewardship. Participants learn about wetland ecology, functions and values, monitoring, regulations and project ideas. Participants will hear from local experts regarding wetland soil types, wetland vegetation, and wetland hydrology. Each workshop includes time spent in the field monitoring hydrology, plants, soil, and surrounding land uses. Each participant will receive a copy of The League's Handbook for Wetlands Conservation and Sustainability, a useful reference tool for future activities. (One or two days)

Wetland Conservation and Policy Solutions Workshop: This workshop focuses on current wetland conservation policy and how to advocate for better laws, how to draft and adopt model ordinances, and how to effectively read and comment on permit applications. Other skills include learning the basics of land-use planning and how other individuals and groups have put this knowledge to use protecting and restoring water resources in the community. This workshop also includes a brief introduction to wetland ecology, functions and values and assistance for individuals and groups in planning future wetland conservation projects
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