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Clean Water

More than a decade of uncertainty came to an end on May 27, 2015, when the Obama Administration issued a rule clarifying which waters of the United States are protected under the Clean Water Act. 

Sportsmen need clean water to ensure healthy fish and wildlife populations. Farmers need clean water for livestock and crops. And every American needs clean water to drink, swim in, boat on, and enjoy. The clean water rule will restore protections for small streams and wetlands that were eliminated due to confusing Supreme Court decisions and agency rules.

Read more about the Clean Water Rule:

How You Can Protect America's Waters
Citizen involvement in watershed protection and conservation activities has proven to have measurable, positive results on the quality of our nation's waters. Today, more than ever, citizen involvement is critical to the protection and restoration of America's waters. Recognizing the importance of the work you do, we provide tools and resources to help you conserve local waterways.

Save Our Streams
Save Our Streams (SOS) conserves America‚Äôs waters through stream monitoring, clean-ups, restoration, and buffer plantings. Find everything you need to start a stream monitoring or restoration project. 

Creek Freaks in SDCreek Freaks
Creek Freaks are groups of middle school kids who perform stream monitoring in their communities. Adult leaders are trained in Creek Freaks activities and lead the groups as they monitor streams using biological, physical, and chemical methods. The middle schoolers then upload their data and photos to the Creek Freaks Web site.

To view data and photos from across the country, download curriculum materials, or find out how to lead your own program, visit Creek Freaks.

Chesapeake Bay: 
The League is working to protect and restore this national treasure through citizen engagement and advocacy for strong pollution reduction and restoration strategies.

Great LakesThe League's Restore Our Great Lakes Program educates and advocates for restoration of our beautiful Great Lakes. Our current focus is stopping aquatic invasive species. Learn more about how you can help us protect and restore this national treasure.

Missouri River: The League has established an initiative dedicated to promoting conservation of the Missouri River resources and watershed within the tri-state region of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Upper Mississippi River: The Upper Mississippi River has been a focal point of League efforts since our founding in 1922. From driving the creation of the Upper Mississippi River Fish and Wildlife Refuge in 1924 to the establishment in 1984 of a permanent office charged with river protection and agricultural conservation, the course plotted by the League has followed the great river.

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