Radio PSAs

Radio PSAs

Clean Boats Campaign Radio PSAs Available for Download

The Izaak Walton League of America, a leader in community-based conservation, has produced new public service announcements encouraging boaters to clean their boats between outings to help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Each year, non-native plants and animals such as Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels hitch a ride in boat hulls, propellers, muddy boots, and other equipment, and are transported from one body of water to another. Safe from the predators and diseases of their native habitat, these species reproduce exponentially and outcompete native fish and wildlife populations, threatening biodiversity. They can also ruin boat engines, jam steering equipment, increase the operating costs of drinking water and power plants, affect human health, and reduce property values. In the Great Lakes region alone, at least 185 aquatic invasive species are already established, with a new one discovered every eight months. Each year, the United States spends $9 billion trying to control the spread of aquatic invasive species that are damaging our waterways and wildlife.

The public service announcements are available here in 60-second and 30-second formats and are ready for use at your local radio station. Michigan State University‚Äôs Impact 89FM produced these ads in conjunction with the Izaak Walton League. The project is funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Be sure to check out our CBC in the News page to hear more radio ads and interviews conducted for the Clean Boats Campaign.

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