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  • About Us The Izaak Walton League of America works at the local, regional, and national levels to advocate for sensible solutions to the most pressing challenges facing America’s natural resources.     
  • Advancing Renewable Energy To reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil and better protect the environment, the League works to identify and promote new sources of renewable energy that are on the cutting edge of current technology.     
  • Cleaning the Air The League's recent work focused on cleaning up coal-fired power plants—a major source of air pollutants that contribute to smog, acid rain, mercury pollution, and global warming.     
  • Agriculture The League advocates for farming practices that sustain both natural resources and people.     
  • Clean Water Clean water is essential to life, yet 40 percent of the nation’s assessed streams, lakes, and estuaries are not clean enough to support fishing and swimming. And those numbers reflect fewer than 20 percent of America’s waterways—the other 80 percent are not even monitored. To members of the Izaak Walton League, this is simply unacceptable. That’s why we are committed to improving the health of America’s waterways through local action and national advocacy.     
  • Conserving Farmland More than half of America’s land is used for agriculture. It’s critical that these lands, which provide food for our tables and habitat for wildlife, are managed in a way that balances production with conservation.     
  • Conserving Wetlands Wetlands provide habitat for countless birds, amphibians, fish, insects, and other species. They also act as natural filters, cleansing pollutants from runoff. Protecting wetlands is vital to safeguarding clean water.     
  • Energy How we obtain and use energy has far-reaching implications for human health, fish and wildlife, and the Earth’s climate. The Izaak Walton League works to reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants, prevent global warming, promote energy efficiency, and foster the use of renewable energy.     
  • Managing the Missouri River Manmade changes of the Missouri River’s natural flows for navigation have degraded habitat for fish and wildlife. Agricultural pollution is also a threat. The League is working to restore and protect the river for future generations.     
  • Managing the Upper Mississippi River The Upper Mississippi River is one of the most complex ecosystems on Earth. The Izaak Walton League led the fight to create the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge in 1924. Today, our efforts focus on reforming the river’s lock-and-dam navigation system and reducing polluted runoff from farms.     
  • Monitoring and Restoring Streams The League has trained thousands of citizen stream monitors and empowered them to achieve watershed conservation and restoration goals using their monitoring data.     
  • Outdoor Ethics/Shooting Sports The Izaak Walton League inspires outdoor enthusiasts to take personal responsibility for protecting the outdoors and conserving fish and wildlife for future generations.     
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency For almost two decades, the League has worked to lay the building blocks for a more energy efficient economy. Working with citizen activists, government decision makers, and utilities, we craft solutions that make economic sense and protect our environment.     
  • Stopping the Spread of Invasive Species Invasive species such as zebra mussels and Eurasian milfoil have infested America’s waterways, crowding out native species and causing billions of dollars in damage to marinas, recreational fisheries, and other facilities. The League is working to stop the spread of invasive species by educating recreationists and advocating for better regulation of ballast water.     
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