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  • Outdoor America Spring 2015 (Issue 2) IN THIS ISSUE: IWLA National Convention Preview* Like No Other Place: The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation * Chemotherapy for Island Wildlife: Saving native ecosystems from alien invasion * Last Word: Regulating for Drinking Water Protection in Iowa’s Agricultural Watersheds     
  • Outdoor America Winter 2015 (Issue 1) IN THIS ISSUE: Franken-Deer: Genetically manipulated animals and canned hunts threaten North American hunting * Becoming a Locavore: Your backyard can nourish your family -- and your community * Policy Pulse: League conservation policies old and new have recently gotten some unexpected attention     
  • Outdoor America Fall 2014 (Issue 4) IN THIS ISSUE: The Problem with Pigs: The spread of feral swine threatens agriculture, wildlife, and human health * 2014 Convention Recap * National Award Winners * Holiday Shopping Guide     
  • Outdoor America Summer 2014 (Issue 3) IN THIS ISSUE: IWLA Strategic Plan and Youth: How League chapters are reaching youth – and what they need for the future * Save Our Streams: With a few simple steps, you can help solve America’s water quality problems * 50 Years of Wilderness: Celebrating America’s love affair with wild places     
  • Outdoor America Spring 2014 (Issue 2) IN THIS ISSUE: Conservation Cohorts: The Ikes and Outdoor Writers * 2014 Convention Preview: Speakers, workshops, registration – plus a special preview from our keynote speaker * The Hunger Games Effect: How media propels youth into the outdoors (or not)     
  • Outdoor America Winter 2014 (Issue 1) IN THIS ISSUE: IWLA Strategic Plan 2014-2019: Setting goals and planning for change * They Know You’re Coming : A hunter’s stealthy approach may actually set off wildlife alarm bells * Disappearing Native: The Brook Trout -- Catching a brookie is a rare experience today,but that can change     
  • Outdoor America Fall 2013 (Issue 4) IN THIS ISSUE: Theodore Roosevelt and the Hunt That Changed America * The State – and Fate – of Prairie * Youth Activity: Stream Creature Construction * The Kankakee River and Its Lost Marsh * A Shot Too Far? * Conservation in Controversial Times     
  • Outdoor America Summer 2013 (Issue 3) IN THIS ISSUE: IWLA Strategic Plan Approved: Chapter delegates unanimously approved a new, five-year strategic plan * 2013 National Convention: “Conservation for Tomorrow” was a fitting theme * Bringing Back the Bobwhite: Almost an entire generation has grown up without hearing the call of the bobwhite * Hunting for Outdoor Space: Thanks to federal conservation programs, we can hunt — and more — on public lands     
  • Outdoor America Spring 2013 (Issue 2) IN THIS ISSUE: Classic Fishing Lures That Have Stood the Test of Time: Designs so successful that they are as popular today as when they were introduced * Restoring America’s River : To save the Mississippi River, we must reexamine our approach to river management * 2013 IWLA National Convention Preview     
  • Outdoor America Winter 2013 (Issue 1) IN THIS ISSUE: Today's Conservation Challenges: The League's 2013 action plan to meet new and long-term conservation challenges * Waterfowl Winners and Losers: Conservation has succeeded for some species, but our work is far from done * 9 Ways the Farm Bill Affects Every American     
  • Outdoor America Fall 2012 (Issue 4) IN THIS ISSUE: The Clean Water Act: 40 Years of Progress in Peril * The Question All Ikes Should Ask: Would you like to go hunting with me?     
  • Outdoor America Summer 2012 (Issue 3) IN THIS ISSUE: 90 Years of Conservation Success: From the Fast-Moving 50s to the Sensible 60s * Green Farms, Clean Rivers * 2012 National Convention: A Time To Celebrate     
  • Outdoor America Spring 2012 (Issue 2) IN THIS ISSUE: 90 Years of Conservation Success: From the Jazz Age to a World War II * The 2012 Farm Bill: Conserving America’s Future * Nature Playscapes: Bringing the “Wild” Back to the Child * 2012 IWLA National Convention Preview     
  • Outdoor America Winter 2012 (Issue 1) IN THIS ISSUE: Time To Call a Halt, by Emerson Hough (August 1922) * Waltonians, by Will H. Dilg (October 1924) * 90 Years of Conservation Success/The Roaring 20s: A Call to Action * Eat Locally: Local Farms Benefit Local Wildlife and Economies     
  • Outdoor America Fall 2011 (Issue 4) IN THIS ISSUE: Seeds of Destruction: Hunters can help stop the spread of invasive species * Fishing for Answers: The Susquehanna River is losing its smallmouth bass population * The World at 7 Billion: Is it possible to protect the wild places we love in an ever-growing world? * League Lines * And much more....     
  • Outdoor America Summer 2011 (Issue 3) IN THIS ISSUE: Hunting for Hunters: The League is setting its sights on recruiting new hunters -- to conserve outdoor America and benefit the economy * 2011 National Convention Highlights: From award-winning Ikes to outstanding conservation speakers, get the scoop on this year's convention in Des Moines * It's Easy Being "Green": You can live a healthier life and promote your love of the outdoors with five simple steps     
  • Outdoor America Spring 2011 (Issue 2) IN THIS ISSUE: Trade Wars: Will nutrient trading save or spoil our streams? * Easing Into Conservation: Conservation easements provide a win-win for landowners * Damaged Delta: Manmade changes to the Mississippi River are sinking coastal wetlands.     
  • Outdoor America Winter 2011 (Issue 1) IN THIS ISSUE: Battling for Survival: America's bats are losing the battle against White Nose Syndrome; Casting for Recovery: Program brings breast cancer survivors together; Shooting for Membership Growth: Using shooting sports to grow chapter membership; Getting Utilities to Work for Their Customers: Energy efficiency and conservation don't have to be at odds.     
  • Outdoor America Fall 2010 (Issue 4) In This Issue: "The Terrible Ten": Ten of the most destructive invasive species and how to slow their spread; "Crop Mob: Will Work for Food": Volunteers can help sustain family farms and the environment; "Turning Up the Water Pressure": How population growth is straining the world's most vital resource     
  • Outdoor America Summer 2010 (Issue 3) In This Issue: To Bee or Not To Bee (Our Pollinators in Peril) * Geocaching Gets Families Into the Great Outdoors * 2010 IWLA National Convention Wrapup * BP, Gulf Wetlands, and You     
  • Outdoor America Spring 2010 (Issue 2) In This Issue: "Asian Carp: A Hungry Invader Eating Its Way to the Great Lakes"; "Will We Sacrifice Our Water for Gas?" (Marcellus shale); 2010 National Convention Preview: "Preserving America's Wilderness"     
  • Outdoor America Winter 2010 (Issue 1) In this issue: "Clean Water at a Crossroads," National Wildlife Refuge System -- recreation opportunities and funding challenges, and "The Mighty Mississippi: All Locked Up." Other topics include keeping green energy "green" and the trend toward leasing land for huting and fishing.     
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