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  • Bringing Back the Bobwhite The trademark mating whistle of “bob-bob-white” was once commonly heard across 38 states — from Nebraska to Texas, Pennsylvania to Florida, and the states in-between. Today, almost an entire generation of Americans has grown up without hearing the call. What happened to the bobwhites?     
  • Restoring America's River: Using the Water Resources Act To Mend the Upper Mississippi River Structures built to facilitate barge navigation on the Mississippi River significantly damaged river ecosystems. In this report, the Nicollet Island Coalition shows how existing federal programs can be used to restore the river and create diverse local economies while maintaining the river's role in America's transportation system.     
  • Wildlife for the 21st Century (Volume IV) The League and dozens of the nation’s leading hunting, angling, and conservation groups have joined together to make recommendations to President Obama and national policymakers to strengthen conservation, management of fish, wildlife, and habitat, and access to public lands and waters. The recommendations in Wildlife for the 21st Century address a range of issues important to tens of millions of Americans who hunt, fish, and enjoy outdoor recreation. The recommendations also reflect some of the League’s top policy priorities, including restoring Clean Water Act protections to streams and wetlands and ensuring the Farm Bill continues to fund habitat conservation on private lands.     
  • Seeds of Destruction The spread of invasive plants threatens wildlife. As hunters, we need to become part of the solution – instead of part of the problem.     
  • Hunting for Hunters The League is setting its sights on recruiting new hunters — to conserve outdoor America and benefit the economy.     
  • Battling for Survival America’s bats are losing the battle against White Nose Syndrome. What does that mean for our future?     
  • To Bee or Not To Bee (PDF) Honey bee numbers are in drastic decline. What does that mean for the future of American agriculture? And what can you do to help?     
  • Collision Course? Off-Road Vehicle Impacts on Hunting and Fishing  
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