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Youth in the Outdoors Webinar Series

The Izaak Walton League’s three-part Youth in the Outdoors webinar series will help you develop a program that provides youth with positive, educational experiences with nature. 

Conservation's Future: Why We Must Re-Connect Children to Nature
While most Baby Boomers fondly remember long days spent exploring the outdoors and "mucking around" in the woods, today's children are growing up in a totally different world – one that sees them spending almost eight hours per day with electronic gadgets and only a tiny fraction of that amount of time outside. Yet research tells us that frequent, unstructured childhood play in natural settings is the most common influence on life-long conservation values. So it is vital that we find ways to restore the bonds between children and nature! Izaak Walton League chapters can play an important part in this effort.

Part one of this webinar series will give you a solid understanding of the challenge – understanding that is crucial for designing innovative and effective ways to restore the nature of childhood.

Presented by Ken Finch, President, Green Hearts: Institute for Nature in Childhood

Engaging Youth in the Outdoors
Izaak Walton League chapters and members across the country have been leaders in connecting young people with hunting, fishing, conservation, and the great outdoors. Every chapter can and should develop a formal youth program and offer a variety of activities that introduce and connect young people to the outdoors. 

Part two of this webinar series is based on the League’s Engaging Youth in the Outdoors Chapter Manual. You will learn about the keys to running a successful youth program and activities you can host at your chapter. 

Presented by Rebecca Wadler, IWLA Conservation Education Associate, and Earl Hower, IWLA Director of Chapter Relations

Youth Programs That Work
In our final webinar in this series, we delve deeper into what makes a successful youth program, learning from the successes of League chapters across the country. We explore youth programs and projects developed by League chapters and divisions and learn how other chapters can build on their successes. 

Presented by Ken Finch, President, Green Hearts: Institute for Nature in Childhood, and Rebecca Wadler, IWLA Conservation Education Associate

Special thanks to the Izaak Walton League of America Endowment for making this webinar series possible.

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