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IWLA National Awards Nominations

IWLA National Awards NominationsVolunteers are the heart of the Izaak Walton League. Recognize the outstanding volunteers in your chapter – and the outstanding work you have done over the past year. It's quick and easy. And League members deserve to be recognized! 

NOTE: The forms below are editable and savable if you have Adobe Reader XI  on your computer, downloadable at www.adobe.com/products/reader.htmlSAVE the forms below onto your computer first, then type in the form and re-save to preserve your text!
The Stanford M. Adams Memorial Award is for League leaders who display extraordinary commitment.  This award is selected by the IWLA Executive Board each year.

Each year, the Izaak Walton League presents National Awards at the League's national convention to volunteers most deserving of recognition. This program offers all League members the opportunity to recognize their peers for lifelong conservation work at the local, regional, state, and national levels. It is also an opportunity for members to learn from each other about successful conservation projects and programs. This sharing is important to the League and all its members.

We encourage local chapters and state divisions to submit nominations in multiple categories. The links above contain all the forms and details you and your chapter or division need for this year’s National Awards Program and the Best Chapter Membership Recruitment Award (all with a June 1st deadline). Please note that most of these awards require division approval.

In addition, the application forms for both the annual Judge John W. Tobin (shown at right) and Defenders Chapter Achievement Awards (both with a March 15th deadline) are provided above. Neither of these two annual awards requires division approval.

On behalf of the IWLA Awards Committee, we hope you will find the entire nomination process user-friendly. Further, we encourage you to help increase the number of nominations of deserving chapters, divisions, government agencies, corporations, members, and other individuals — all supporters of the League’s conservation mission!

Dawn Olson, Chairwoman, IWLA Awards Committee

The awards program is updated annually to make the nomination process more user-friendly and encourage more nominations of deserving League chapters, divisions, and individual members.

Please note the following:

  • Each award has a nomination form specific to the award. The award criteria are outlined in more depth on each form to help identify potential nominees. Additionally, questions pertaining to the nominee and how they meet the specific award criteria are listed as a guideline to aid in filling out the nomination form.
  • National Award nominations previously came primarily from chapters via the division, but the Awards Committee has opened up the nomination requirements to encourage national directors and IWLA divisions to actively be on the watch for worthy recipients and submit such nominations.
  • The deadline for submitting National Award nominations is June 1st. This is to enable the Awards Committee to meet and still allow adequate time for award preparations. This means some IWLA divisions may be holding state meetings after the award nomination deadline — please note that “division approval” does not mean the approval must be an outcome of a division meeting. A division may have their president or a separate awards chairman or some other method of their choosing to allow the approval to be granted (and then perhaps later reported on as an “action taken” at the division meeting).
  • As a reminder, only those chapters or individuals who are selected for an award by the IWLA Awards Committee will be contacted by IWLA staff prior to the upcoming National Convention.

Should you have any questions regarding the awards process, please contact the IWLA Chapter Relations staff by calling toll-free (800) IKE-LINE (453-5463), x255 or x216, or e-mailing chapters@iwla.org. Completed applications may be faxed to (301) 548-0146 or (301) 548-0149 or scanned and e-mailed to chapters@iwla.org.

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