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Outdoor America Winter 2011 (Issue 1)

Outdoor America is the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Izaak Walton League of America. Each issue is filled with entertaining and educational articles about the conservation work of League members. We also provide in-depth coverage of broader conservation issues such as national energy policy, urban sprawl, and wetland loss. To start receiving Outdoor America, become a League member. Here's what you missed in this issue of the magazine:


Battling for Survival
America's bats are losing the battle against White Nose Syndrome. What does that mean for our future?
By Dawn Merritt

Casting for Recovery
Casting for Recovery brings breast cancer survivors together to learn a new skill  and learn from each other.
By Bruce Ingram

Shooting for Membership Growth
How your chapter can use shooting sports to grow membership.
By Earl Hower and Dawn Merritt


League Leader
Tiling Toward Another Dust Bowl? Our push for agricultural production seems to ignore the long-term impact of our actions.
By Jim A. Madsen, IWLA President

Director's Chair
Conservation Programs at a Crossroads: The release of a new federal report and a House-passed budget bill present stark choices.
By David Hoskins, IWLA Executive Director

Recycling Tips for Trees * Hunting for Statistics

League Lines
Mentoring in Minnesota * Snow Tweets * It Takes a Team to Clean Up a Stream * Scoring with Antlers * A Community Meets Izaak Walton * A Walk in the Woods

How To: Plan a Pollinator Garden
From planting cover and food plots to cleaning up water resources, Ikes are working to restore native habitat for game and non-game species alike. One important group that may not be on your list: Pollinators.

Thinking Like a Mountain
Getting Utilities to Work for Their Customers: Energy efficiency and conservation don't have to be at odds with a utility company's business model.
By Eric Jensen, IWLA Energy Coordinator

Outdoor Ethics
Can't We All Just Get Along? As we lose access to land and water, hunters and anglers are becoming less civil.
By David Hart, Field Editor

Hooks & Bulletins
New Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation * Join the Creek Freaks * IWLA National Scholarships Open * 2012 Farm Bill Events: Stewardship, Prosperity, and Fairness * Project Watershed: Connecting Kids to Conservation * Policy Pulse * Reading Room * Spotlight on Grants

Last Stand
The League Goes Wild: League members must remain vigilant to keep our roadless areas intact.
By Kevin Proescholdt, IWLA Wilderness and Public Lands Program Director

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