Save Our Streams

The Izaak Walton League’s Save Our Streams (SOS) program helps people just like you check water quality in local creeks and streams. Share your findings with the League, and we can get a clear picture of water quality across the country – the first step in crafting water quality solutions that work. We can also help you restore your stream to good health.

Our new video guide to identifying macroinvertebrates will help you become a bug ID expert (or at least be able to tell a dragonfly from a dobsonfly!). Includes photos and illustrations of the critters we use to measure water quality, plus identifying features and interesting tidbits.

Clean Water: Your Right To Know

Every American has the right to know whether the streams running through our backyards and neighborhood parks are safe for our kids to play in or dogs to splash through. Find out how your state rates in our "Clean Water: Your Right To Know" report.


Monitoring 101

You don’t need a background in science or expensive equipment to be a volunteer stream monitor. We'll show you how to get started.

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SOS Data Forms

Download these data forms and instructions to find out if your local stream is safe to swim and play in. Biological, chemical and physical forms are available.

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SOS Equipment

Test the quality of your neighborhood streams today. Check our equipment list to see if you have what you need to get started.

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Aqua Bugs App

Solve a bug ID mystery with this fun and free app. The Aqua Bugs app helps you identify bugs while stream monitoring with a few simple questions and photos. Give it a try!     

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