Fish & Wildlife

Every animal needs a few things to survive: food, water, and a suitable place to live (habitat). By using our natural resources in a sustainable way and accepting our responsibility to live with the wildlife around us, we can ensure abundant fish and wildlife populations and maintain our wildlife-based traditions, such as hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching.

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  • President's Budget Proposal Guts Critical Conservation Programs

    The League opposes proposed cuts to programs benefiting conservation, clean air, and clean water – all of which are critical for public health, outdoor recreation, and the U.S. economy.

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  • Saving Wetlands: A History of the Duck Stamp

    From the founding of the nation through most of the 20th century, agriculture won out over wetland conservation. Americans turned millions of acres of marshland and floodplains into crop land with little regard for the impact on wildlife. Today, we know that wetlands have value for wildlife conservation and our economy.

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  • Ikes in Action: A Refuge for Wildlife

    The Conservation Committee at the Loudoun County Chapter thought it was imperative to catalog the animals that make the property their home.

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  • Judge Re-issues Injunction on Yellowstone River Project

    On July 5, a federal judge again blocked construction of a proposed $59 million irrigation dam and bypass channel on the Yellowstone River in Montana.

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  • 2017 Policy Resolutions

    Resolutions Passed at the 2017 National Convention Izaak Walton League of America Solar Energy Protection Resolution There are many forms of energy that will be vital to the maintenance of sufficient energy supplies in the near future. Without them, energy shortages will reduce growth, increase hardships, and lead to political instability. Of these sources, one that has both immediate and long-term benefit to consumers and the environment is solar energy. Strongly supported by the federal government initially, solar power has recently come under attack at the state level by utility companies. Although there is some merit to their claims, the problems ...

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