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    How to Recycle a Pumpkin

    Halloween is over, but those pumpkins you used to decorate your front porch will need to be disposed. Don't throw those vegetables in the trash! Instead, learn how to re-use and recycle your pumpkins – creating no waste at all. Full story
  • Salt truck image. Credit: iStock.

    Road Salt and Stream Health

    You many think stream monitoring is not needed during winter months, but that's a myth! Each season presents specific threats to stream health. One such threat is road salt. Full story
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    Three Steps to Water Quality Monitoring

    The health of small streams such as Cabin Branch – and there are many such streams in the Potomac River watershed – have a large impact on the rivers into which they flow. That’s why it is important to test water quality in every stream. Full story
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    Turn World Water Monitoring Day into Water Monitoring for a Lifetime

    As I packed my car with stream monitoring equipment for a new training workshop, it got me thinking about the connections between clean water and outdoor recreation. I wondered: why is there only one World Water Monitoring Day when we should be monitoring water quality all year long? Full story
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    Connecting Kids with Clean Water and the Outdoors

    There are countless benefits from outdoor learning and unstructured time outside. Whether you are a youth program leader, teacher, camp counselor, Scout leader, or parent, the League offers a range of ways to get youth outdoors and involved in clean water. Full story


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