Izaak Walton League Celebrates Earth Day with Local Solutions to Conservation Challenges

As our nation celebrates 46 years of community action to benefit the environment, the Izaak Walton League and our chapters are working in communities across America to conserve natural resources for future generations.

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National Report Shows Only 2% of Streams and Rivers Effectively Tested for Water Quality – and Half Don’t Meet State Water Quality Standards

Every American has the right to know whether the streams and rivers running through their backyards and neighborhood parks are safe for their kids to play in or dogs to splash through. But the Izaak Walton League found that state water quality monitoring in streams across the country is haphazard and limited, leaving Americans in the dark about the health of local waters – and potentially leaving pollution undetected.

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The Dangers of Too Many Deer

Grossly overpopulated deer, especially in the East, are destroying their own habitat and the habitat of other wildlife. But the message from biologists that “fewer is better” isn’t getting through.

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​Outdoor Recreation

Celebrating the Centennial of our National Park Service

Our national park system is much more than a pretty face. From national monuments and urban getaways to the places where America was born, national parks protect our past and provide the historical context to help us find our best future. The National Park Service is entrusted with preserving these special places for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of all Americans.

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Spreading the Lie of Fishing – and Hooking an Outdoor Enthusiast

Confession time: for nearly 30 years, I encouraged adolescent boys and girls to lie. In the first minutes of our first-day gathering, I would lean toward the kids and, in a hushed tone, tell them, “This is a class where we learn the art of lying.” At that point I had them hooked.

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Competition in Hunting: Just Say No

The effects of competition in hunting are varied and affect both prey animals and hunters themselves.

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